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Anthropometric data collection of Portuguese children using 3D body scanning: considerations about the scanning booth
Presented at the 2017 World Textile Conference. This paper presents some considerations regarding the scanning booth used in an anthropometric study done with a 3D body scanning technology.
Anthropometry for children's clothing: difficulties and limitations
Presented at the 2017 World Textile Conference. This paper reports the difficulties and limitations experienced during data collection of the anthropometric study and the adjustments that were needed.
Consumer Engagement in Digital Channels - A Digital Strategy
This poster discusses the experiential learning activity process for a course in the UNT Business department. The overall learning goal is to understand the challenges and opportunities faced by multi-channel businesses.
Eatertainment: Utilitarian and hedonic motivations for patronizing fun experience restaurants
This paper from the 5th Asia Euro Conference 2014 conference proceedings explores the hedonic and utilitarian motives for patrons dining in fun experience restaurants.
Effectiveness of Nature Conservation - A Case of Natura 2000 Sites in Poland
This book chapter examines problems emerging due to the designation of protected areas as well as implementation and management of the Natura 2000 in Poland.
Ethics in Sustainable Tourism Development
This paper discusses ethics in sustainable tourism development. The author is studying International Sustainable Tourism at the University of North Texas and is exploring how sustainable tourism can be a catalyst for positive change worldwide.
Generation Y consumers' value perceptions toward apparel mobile advertising: functions of modality and culture
This article investigates Generation Y consumers' different value perceptions toward apprel mobile advertising according to cultures (i.e. The United States vs. South Korean) and modalities (short message service vs. multimedia messaging service).
Historical Studies Pave the Way for European Study Abroad Tour Survey of Historic and Contemporary Styles
This poster discusses a project on historic and contemporary styles offering students to design a complete exhibition from the procurement of garments to its final promotion in an international environment.
Hybrid Human-Artificial Intelligence Approach for Pavement Distress Assessment (PICUCHA)
This article proposes a new method named PICture Unsupervised Classification with Human Analysis (PICUCHA) to circumvent many of the limitations of existing approaches, based on a combination of human and artificial intelligence.
Impact of Image Resolution Pavement Distress Detection Using PICUCHA Methodology
This article describes a study focused on the analysis of a newly-developed pavement distress classification algorithm, called the PICture Unsupervised Classification with Human Analysis (PICUCHA) method, particularly the impact of image resolutions on its classification accuracy.
Impacts of sustainable value and business stewardship on lifestyle practices in clothing consumption
This article tests the sustainable Values and Lifestyles Scale (VALS) framework by identifying the sustainable value and lifestyle practices, and examining the impacts of business stewardship on consumer sustainable practices.
Integrative Learning Approach
This poster reports on using an integrative learning approach that incorporates various pedagogical styles such as problem-based learning, experiential learning, social learning theory, and cooperative learning to help students learn.
Pavement Distress Detection with PICUCHA Methodology for Area-Scan Cameras and Dark Images
This article discusses the test of the PICture Unsupervised Classification with Human Analysis (PICUCHA) performance with images taken with area-scan cameras and flash light illumination over a pavement with dark textures.
Shifting paradigms for fashion: from total to global to smart consumer experience
This review discusses how consumers, the retail industry, and business strategies contribute to the fashion paradigm shift from Total to Global (TCE) to Smart Consumer Experience (SCE) concepts,
Sizing for the apparel industry using statistical analysis - a Brazilian case study
Presented at the 2017 World Textile Conference. This paper presents results from a study of the body measurements of Brazilian women using the Kinect Body Imaging system for 3D body scanning to understand the need for accurate measurements in the apparel industry.
Student Food Rules on the Digital Library Contribute to Learning
Poster presented at the Society of Nutrition Education and Behavior Conference. This poster describes an exercise in training students in scientific writing to compose their own food rules, and share these rules through the UNT Digital Library
Sustainable Strategies in Merchandising: Experiential Learning in an Online Class
This poster discusses experiential learning in an online class. The course for which the projects are proposed is 'Sustainable Strategies in Merchandising' where students are provided with the knowledge to adapt and apply fundamental business tools for the pursuit of sustainable development to business operation.