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De schoonste monumenten in de wereld

Description: An overview of various great architectural monuments in Spain, France, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Russia, and Cambodia.
Date: [1965..1973]
Creator: Franco-Suisse


Description: Moralizing tale which reflects that how children act is a signal of their future character. Story is followed by "The substance of the Ten Commandments."
Date: [1827 - 1853]

The spirit of '76

Description: Miniature artists' book. Front cover of "book" opens to reveal a hollow space containing a miniature alcohol bottle labled "Napoleon 1876."
Date: [1980..2000]
Creator: Massmann, Robert E.

Things you should know about Canada

Description: Volume contains information about Canada, Ontario, and Ottawa, for attendees of the Conclave. Prospectus includes information about the publication, and ordering information.
Date: 1994
Creator: Massmann, Robert E.

To Olga : an appreciation in verse.

Description: Poetic appreciation of Mrs. Olga Hunter, wife of the author. Bound in cream card covers with applied cover label.
Date: 2003
Creator: Hunter, Darragh

Tot de dokter komt

Description: A brief overview of first aid for common injuries and ailments.
Date: [1965..1973]
Creator: Franco-Suisse


Description: Moralizing tale about Little Betsey Green. Constantly told how pretty she is, she becomes vain and prideful.
Date: [1827 - 1853]

The werm turns

Description: Humorous musings by a retiring male librarian about how libraries should deal with certain types of problem patrons.
Date: 1983
Creator: Massmann, Robert E.


Description: A brief overview of wine and winemaking.
Date: [1965..1973]
Creator: Franco-Suisse

Win, place, and show, or, the fund raising jack

Description: Fictional story of fundraising efforts by Father Murphy, who enters his new donkey in various races. The headlines cause the Archbishop much distress, which causes further headlines.
Date: 1967
Creator: Massmann, Robert E.

Der winzige Struwwelpeter

Description: Essay and history of the folk character Struwwelpeter, translated variously as "Slovely Peter," "Shock-headed Peter," Boy with shock of unkempt bristly hair" etc. This character was well known to Mark Twain, and would have been an influence for his character Huckleberry Finn.
Date: 1982
Creator: Massmann, Robert E.

[World's Columbian Exposition Calendar]

Description: Calendar covering from April 1893 to March 1894, illustrated with views of buildings at the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893, with information on the New York Life Insurance Company. Bound in publisher's illustrated wrappers.
Date: 1892