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Description: The 1st printing of The Mite was produced in 1891, and was at the time the smallest book in the world printed with movable type. This 2nd printing was produced in 1893, and a third printing was done in 1896. The text, a collection of facts and information, is supplemented with various illustrations. In 1896, Salmin of Padova, Italy, printed their Galileo A Madama Christina Di Lorena, which supplanted The Mite as the smallest book in the world printed with movable type. It may still, however, be the smallest book printed in England with movable type.
Date: 1893

The kink in the engine rope.

Description: Moralizing tale where an apprentice printer is cautioned against following the fire engine, as it will lead to bad habits.
Date: 1827 - 1853

The baby is with God

Description: Text exhorting readers not to grieve over the death of the infant, for it has been received into God's arms.
Date: 1827 - 1853.

Is it worth climbing for?

Description: Moralizing tale of how boys, men, peasants and princes all may climb over obstacles towards a goal, but are worldly goals worth the climb?
Date: 1827 - 1853

The grocery ruined him.

Description: Little Robert would not heed the advice of his Sunday school teacher and avoid the men at the grocery store who kept trying to get him to drink rum. By the age of 13, Robert becomes a drunkard.
Date: 1827 - 1853

Parental anxiety.

Description: Moralizing tale about how good parents care for their children, and thus children should obey their parents.
Date: 1827 - 1853

The home-made boy.

Description: Moralizing tale of the differences between two boys in the Sunday school, Arthur and Lewis, which are "chiefly made at home!"
Date: 1827 - 1853

Death of little Mary

Description: Little Mary S., devout and faithful, is dying at the age of 8. Her faith touches all around her, and helps bring them closer to God.
Date: 1827 - 1853

Give us this day our daily bread.

Description: His mother unable to provide for himself and his siblings, six year old Little Johnny prays on the way to school. On arriving home, he finds food has been left for the family. Not an angel, but an earthly agent of God heard his prayer and provided for the family.
Date: 1827 - 1853

The new bonnet.

Description: Moralizing tale where Miss Amelia F. Johnson learns that the pretty new bonnet she wants to wear to church is not as important as learning to serve God. The story is followed by the poem "The child's prayer."
Date: 1827 - 1853

The fourth commandment broken.

Description: Martha Scott, who would censure others for breaking the Sabbath, herself not only breaks the Sabbath but looses her temper - not realizing the sins she is committing.
Date: 1827 - 1853

Going apprentice.

Description: Words of wisdom from an old German schoolmaster to a young boy about to go learn a trade, and how being good will help him succeed.
Date: 1827 - 1853

Harvest close upon seed time.

Description: Moralizing tale of the youth who starts by missing just a few minutes of Sunday school, slides into sin, skips class, joins a fire company, and eventually lands in prison in Maryland with a 15 year term for robbery.
Date: 1827 - 1853

Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

Description: Moralizing tale of the fate of a man who starts out as a Sabath-breaker, and who ends up a murderer.
Date: 1827 - 1853

On defining an acceptable miniature book

Description: Extended verse musings on what constitutes a miniature book, and how to decide what to include. Bound in cream card covers with applied cover label.
Date: 2000
Creator: Hunter, Darragh


Description: Miniature book collector and publisher Darragh Hunter produced this volume as part of a workshop for the visually impaired. The poem within - on seeing without needing to look - is done in very large type within the size restraints of a miniature book. Bound in blue card cover with applied pictorial label.
Date: 2005
Creator: Hunter, Darragh

To Olga : an appreciation in verse.

Description: Poetic appreciation of Mrs. Olga Hunter, wife of the author. Bound in cream card covers with applied cover label.
Date: 2003
Creator: Hunter, Darragh


Description: Poetic musings on the function of the heart, and when a pacemaker is needed. Bound in light green card covers with applied cover label.
Date: 1999
Creator: Hunter, Darragh