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De 7 wereldwonderen

Description: An overview of the seven wonders of the ancient world, and various other structures and monuments that could be considered as equally important.
Date: 1965/1973
Creator: Franco-Suisse

1901-1999: the century with only 99 years

Description: Observations on how many people committed the error of looking at 2000 as the first year of the 21st century, followed by a variety of statements about such people.
Date: 2000
Creator: Massmann, Robert E.


Description: Biography of Aaron, first High Priest of Israel. Written for children, with an emphasis on submission to God's will. Bound in illustrated wrappers.
Date: 1853/1857

Adventures of the flighty old woman

Description: An illustrated version of the old English children's rhyme about the old woman tossed up in a basket.
Date: 1966
Creator: Massmann, C. Ernest

All the world's on stilts

Description: Moralizing story, where the narrator, after seeing a "lubberly boy" on stilts, reflects on people that set themselves above others and make spectacles of themselves.
Date: 1827/1853

Apollo 13 en 14

Description: Overview of the Apollo 13 and 14 missions.
Date: [1965..1973]
Creator: Franco-Suisse

De Ardeense fauna

Description: Overview of the animals of the Ardennes plateau of north-central Europe.
Date: [1965..1973]
Creator: Franco-Suisse

Astrologie een wetenschap

Description: An overview of astrology and the characteristics of each sign of the zodiac.
Date: [1965..1973]
Creator: Franco-Suisse


Description: An overview of automobile racing.
Date: [1965..1973]
Creator: Franco-Suisse

The baby is with God

Description: Text exhorting readers not to grieve over the death of the infant, for it has been received into God's arms.
Date: 1827 - 1853.

Bezoek aan Kaap Kennedy

Description: General information and overview of Cape Kennedy (now Cape Canaveral), Florida.
Date: [1965..1973]
Creator: Franco-Suisse

Brussel, erfenis der eeuwen

Description: An overview of the history of Brussels, and descriptions of selected historic buildings.
Date: [1965..1973]
Creator: Franco-Suisse

[Calendar for 1907]

Description: Calendar for the year 1907, bound in full red leather with gilt decorations. Contains a calendar for 1907, a page for each month of the year, with various information such as postage rates, holidays, birthstones, etc. Also has information on Tiffany and Company.
Date: 1906
Creator: Tiffany and Company