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Oral History Interview with Paul J. Kilday, August 28, 1965

Description: Interview with Paul J. Kilday, former U.S. Congressman (1939-1940), attorney and judge from San Antonio, Texas. The interview includes Kilday's experiences and personal views of neutrality legislation, selective service legislation, Lend-Lease, conscientious objectors, atomic bomb, demobilization, Marshall Plan, Truman Doctrine, creation of Atomic Energy Commission, Unification Act of the Armed Services, creation of Department of Defense, and campaign for Congress against Maury Maverick, 1938.
Date: July 1, 1966
Creator: Kamp, H. W. & Kilday, Paul J.

Oral History Interview with Renne Allred, Jr., 1968

Description: Interview with Renne Allred, Jr., an attorney for the Receiver (State Insurance Board). The interview includes Allred's experiences during the Texas insurance scandals of the mid-1950s, James Allred's gubernatorial campaigns, early insurance litigation, appointment as assistant state attorney general (1953), state insurance frauds and scandals, and the U. S. Trust and Guaranty case. It also includes his relationship with the Texas Insurance Board, and his opinions on accounting and bookkeeping irregularities, Texas Mutual and General American cases, the role of Byron Saunders, legislative investigating committees, fraudulent activities of Ben Jack Cage, the roles of Texas Attorneys General Will Wilson and John Ben Sheppard, the suit against Republic Bank of Dallas and the role of Ralph Yarborough.
Date: March 17, 1969
Creator: Odom, E. Dale & Allred, Renne

Oral History Interview with Sarah T. Hughes, 1969

Description: Interview with Judge Sarah T. Hughes, a former state legislator, state district judge, and federal district judge from Dallas, Texas. In the interview, Hughes discusses her experiences during her time as a member of the Texas House of Representatives. She covers a few of the many milestones of her political career, including her appointment as the state district judge by Governor James Allred, her unsuccessful congressional campaign against Adlai Stevenson in 1956, and her nomination for Vice President in 1952. Hughes comments on women's rights the Kennedy-Johnson campaign in 1960, the Kennedy assassination, and her personal thoughts and experiences concerning women's rights.
Date: January 15, 1969
Creator: Gantt, Fred & Hughes, Sarah T.

Oral History Interview with W. N. Peach, June 24, 1966

Description: Interview with professional economist Dr. W. Nelson Peach. The interview includes Peach's experiences as one of the principal persons in the Rainey controversy at the University of Texas, 1944-45. It also includes his sympathies for new Deal labor legislation, being accused of pro-communist leanings, role of Dallas Morning News, investigations by Board of Regents and his dismissal, support of President Homer Rainey, and the role of AAUP.
Date: October 10, 1967
Creator: Cochran, Kendall & Peach, William Nelson

Oral History Interview with Weldon Hart, 1966-1967

Description: Interviews with Weldon Hart, a public relations executive and executive director of the Texas Good Roads Association. The interviews includes Hart's experiences as press secretary and appointments secretary to former Governors Beauford Jester, 1947-50, and Allan Shivers, 1950-57; head of the Texas Employment Commission; organization of a Texas political machine; lobbying for the highway construction industries of Texas. The interviews took place on three separate dates: August 8, 1966, February 6, 1967, and July 3, 1967.
Date: December 18, 1967
Creator: Brewer, Thomas B.; Odom, E. Dale & Hart, Weldon

Oral History Interview with Wick Fowler, May 23, 1968

Description: Interview with Wick Fowler, a journalist from Big Sandy, Texas. The interview includes his early career as a reporter, impressions of Martin Dies, Shivers gubernatorial campaign of 1950, as well as his experiences as appointments secretary to Governor Allan Shivers and observations of Stevenson-Johnson senatorial race of 1948.
Date: August 31, 1968
Creator: Odom, E. Dale & Fowler, Wick

Oral History Interview with William Hunter McLean, 1968

Description: Interview with William Hunter McLean, insurance executive, former chair of the Texas State board of Insurance (1963-68), and chairman of the Johnson-Humphrey campaign in Texas. The interview includes McLean's comments on the evolution of the State Board of Insurance, insurance scandals of the mid-1950s, fire and casualty rate-making, automobile insurance and the Johnson-Humphrey campaign in Texas.
Date: November 16, 1968
Creator: Odom, E. Dale & McLean, William Hunter

Oral History Interview with William J. Lawson, 1968

Description: Interview with William J. Lawson, a former executive assistant to Governor W. Lee O'Daniel, who was the former Secretary of State for Texas. In the interview, Mr. Lawson, who is from Austin, Texas, discusses his appointment as executive assistant to O'Daniel in 1941. He also describes his role and associations with the administration at the time, as well as his impressions of O'Daniel. Mr. Lawson expresses his personal views and experiences when it comes to relations between O'Daniel and the Legislature, the Democratic State Executive Committee, patronage, the Senate, and also when O'Daniel was appointed Secretary of State.
Date: March 15, 1968
Creator: Gantt, Fred & Lawson, William J.