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Oral History Interview with Alonzo W. Jamison, July 26, 1967

Description: Interview with former Democratic member of the Texas House of Representatives Alonzo W. Jamison, a college professor and farmer-stockman from Denton, Texas. The interview includes Jamison's experiences and personal views on the Sixtieth Legislature and activities on the House Education Committee.
Date: October 31, 1967
Creator: Kamp, H. W. & Jamison, Alonzo W.

Oral History Interview with Ben Barnes, 1967-1968

Description: Interview with Ben Barnes, who was the Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives in 1964-68, the lieutenant governor in 1968-72, and a Democrat from Austin, Texas. In the interview, Barnes shares his thoughts and opinions on several procedures, laws, and political decisions, including reapportionment, the “one-man, one vote” decision of U.S. Supreme Court, state water systems, and state employee pay raise. He also comments on federal-state relations, revisions of Code of Criminal Procedures, industrial safety law, voter registration, the reform of liquor laws and pari-mutuel betting, revenue legislation, and one-year versus two-year budgeting. Barnes comments on fellow politician Governor John Connally.
Date: August 14, 1967
Creator: Gantt, Fred; Kamp, H. W. & Barnes, Ben

Oral History Interview with Ghent Sanderford, 1967

Description: Interview with attorney Ghent Sanderford. The interview includes Sanderford's personal experiences as private secretary to Governor Miriam A. Ferguson. Sanderford talks about his relationship with James E. Ferguson, comments about Governors Pat Neff, Dan Moody, James Allred, W. Lee O'Daniel, and Coke Stevenson, the Johnson-Stevenson senatorial race of 1948, and the impeachment of James Ferguson. The interview includes an appendix with letters and a narrative.
Date: May 8, 1967
Creator: Odom, E. Dale & Sanderford, Ghent

Oral History Interview with W. N. Peach, June 24, 1966

Description: Interview with professional economist Dr. W. Nelson Peach. The interview includes Peach's experiences as one of the principal persons in the Rainey controversy at the University of Texas, 1944-45. It also includes his sympathies for new Deal labor legislation, being accused of pro-communist leanings, role of Dallas Morning News, investigations by Board of Regents and his dismissal, support of President Homer Rainey, and the role of AAUP.
Date: October 10, 1967
Creator: Cochran, Kendall & Peach, William Nelson

Oral History Interview with Weldon Hart, 1966-1967

Description: Interviews with Weldon Hart, a public relations executive and executive director of the Texas Good Roads Association. The interviews includes Hart's experiences as press secretary and appointments secretary to former Governors Beauford Jester, 1947-50, and Allan Shivers, 1950-57; head of the Texas Employment Commission; organization of a Texas political machine; lobbying for the highway construction industries of Texas. The interviews took place on three separate dates: August 8, 1966, February 6, 1967, and July 3, 1967.
Date: December 18, 1967
Creator: Brewer, Thomas B.; Odom, E. Dale & Hart, Weldon