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Oral History Interview with Alonzo W. Jamison, July 30, 1965

Description: Interview with former Democratic member of the Texas House of Representatives Alonzo W. Jamison, Jr., a college professor and farmer-stockman from Denton, Texas. The interview includes Jamison's experiences and personal views as a member of the Texas House of Representatives, as well as House speakerships and lobbyist activities.
Date: February 8, 1966
Creator: Kamp, H. W. & Jamison, Alonzo W.

Oral History Interview with Martin Dies, April 23, 1966

Description: Interview with former U.S. congressman Martin Dies, Sr., an attorney from Lufkin, Texas. The interview includes Dies' experiences as a Texas politician and U.S. Congressman, 1931-49 and 1950-56, and chairman of House Committee on Un-American Activities during the New Deal. Also includes his personal views on communism.
Date: April 23, 1966
Creator: Stephens, A. Ray & Dies, Martin

Oral History Interview with Paul J. Kilday, August 28, 1965

Description: Interview with Paul J. Kilday, former U.S. Congressman (1939-1940), attorney and judge from San Antonio, Texas. The interview includes Kilday's experiences and personal views of neutrality legislation, selective service legislation, Lend-Lease, conscientious objectors, atomic bomb, demobilization, Marshall Plan, Truman Doctrine, creation of Atomic Energy Commission, Unification Act of the Armed Services, creation of Department of Defense, and campaign for Congress against Maury Maverick, 1938.
Date: July 1, 1966
Creator: Kamp, H. W. & Kilday, Paul J.