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Oral History Interview with Ada Fabiana Duque, October 20, 2012

Description: Interview with Ada Fabiana Duque, Colombian-born immigrant to Rockwall, Texas, for the DFW Metroplex Immigrants Oral History Project. The interview includes Duque's family background and the risks that accompanied being financially successful in Colombia during the Colombian civil war, the guerrilla violence in Colombia in the 1980s and 1990s, her experience as an exchange student to Illinois in 1992, her expectations about the U.S., education and employment in food engineering, the process of acquiring citizenship through political asylum, and her opinions about U.S. immigration policy and cultural assimilation, as well as reflections on American identity.
Date: October 20, 2012
Creator: Bundschuh, Molly & Duque, Ada Fabiana

Oral History Interview with Alonzo W. Jamison, July 26, 1967

Description: Interview with former Democratic member of the Texas House of Representatives Alonzo W. Jamison, a college professor and farmer-stockman from Denton, Texas. The interview includes Jamison's experiences and personal views on the Sixtieth Legislature and activities on the House Education Committee.
Date: October 31, 1967
Creator: Kamp, H. W. & Jamison, Alonzo W.

Oral History Interview with Ana R. Alonso-Minutti, October 21, 2009

Description: Interview with assistant professor of music history at UNT Ana R. Alonso-Minutti, Mexican-born immigrant to Dallas, as part of the DFW Metroplex Immigrants Oral History Project. The interview includes Alonso-Minutti's personal experiences of childhood and education in Mexico, attending college at Universidad de las Americas, discovering music history as a discipline of study, a one-year course of study in theology in Dallas, choir direction at a church in England, attending graduate school, and accepting a job offer from UNT. Additionally, Alonso-Minutti discusses family history, her grandparents' migration from Spain and Italy, her first impressions of the U.S., the decision to study musicology in the U.S. or Great Britain, the citizenship process, and the contrast of life in Mexico, England, California, and Texas.
Date: October 21, 2009
Creator: Onspaugh, Patrick & Alonso-Minutti, Ana R.

Oral History Interview with David Allred, October 25, 1978

Description: Interview with Democratic representative and political journalist David Allred from Wichita Falls, Texas. In the interview, Allred discusses his experiences as a member of the Second Special Session of the Sixty-fifth Legislature. He also talks about his personal views on issues such as Proposition 13 in California, treasury surplus, the repeal of sales tax on residential utility bills, the increase in inheritance tax exemptions, taxation of agricultural and timber land, initiative-referendum, the Peveto Bill, the formation of the "Filthy Fifty", the Sam Houston Caucus, and the House Study Group. Allred also comments on Governor Dolph Briscoe, Speaker Bill Clayton, and Lieutenant Governor Bill Hobby
Date: October 25, 1978
Creator: Marcello, Ronald E. & Allred, David

Oral History Interview with David Allred, October 31, 1979

Description: Interview with Democratic journalist and member of the Texas House of Representative David Allred, from Wichita Falls, Texas. David Allred was the son of former Governor James V. Allred. In the interview, Allred describes some of his experiences as a member of the Sixty-sixth Legislature. His topics of discussion include the Sam Houston Caucus, his impressions of Governor William Clements and Speaker Bill Clayton, consumer legislation, interest rates, tax reliefs, the Peveto Bill, and the "Killer Bees".
Date: October 31, 1979
Creator: Marcello, Ronald E. & Allred, David

Oral History Interview with Ealy Boyd, October 17, 2007

Description: Interview with Ealy Boyd, Korean War veteran, as part of the Tarrant County War Veterans Oral History Project. The interview includes Boyd's personal experiences about childhood and education, enlisting in the U.S. Air Force, basic training in San Antonio and his assignment to Laredo Air Base, Texas, and encounters with North Korean POWs. Additionally, Boyd discusses his deployment to Korea as a vehicle operator with the Fifth Motor Transport Squadron, assignments at various bases, his shift into vehicle maintenance MOS, then into maintenance and storage of nuclear warheads, and finally into aircraft maintenance, his civilian career with Lockheed Martin, political work for Reps. Martin Frost, Preston Geren, and Jim Wright, as well as with State Senator Mike Moncrief. The interview includes an appendix with a photograph.
Date: October 17, 2007
Creator: De Santiago Ramos, Simone C. & Ealy, Boyd

Oral History Interview with Earl E. Ambrose, October 6, 2007

Description: Interview with Earl E. Ambrose, Korean War veteran, as part of the Tarrant County War Veterans Oral History Project. The interview includes Ambrose's personal experiences of childhood, basic training, volunteering for service in Korea, and attending Arlington State College using GI Bill benefits. Additionally, Ambrose discusses family experiences in military service, the decision to join the Marines, assignments to Quantico and Yorktown, Virginia, his brief combat experience and assignment to the Main Line of Resistance near the Imjin River, his discharge from the Marines, and his career with Bell Helicopter.
Date: October 6, 2007
Creator: Ball, Gregory & Ambrose, Earl E.

Oral History Interview with Ed Fendell, October 27, 2006

Description: Interview with Ed Fendell, NASA communications engineer and assistant flight director, as part of the Skylab Oral History Project. The interview includes Fendell's personal experiences about childhood, serving in the Korean War-era Air Force, and joining NASA in 1963. Additionally, Fendell speaks about his communications work for Apollo, Skylab, the International Space Station, and Space Shuttle program missions, trouble-shooting for Skylab missions, lessons learned from the Skylab program, personnel issues at the Johnson Space Center, and turf battles between the Johnson Space Center and other NASA centers. The interview includes an appendix with a photograph and text of what the back of the photograph reads.
Date: October 27, 2006
Creator: Johnson, Michael & Fendell, Ed

Oral History Interview with Edward J. Drake, 2002

Description: Interview with attorney and Army Air Forces veteran Edward J. Drake. The interview includes Drake's personal experiences about being a B-17 pilot in the European Theater during World War II, youth and education in Dallas, Texas, enlistment in the Aviation Cadet Program, various training programs, bombing transportation facilities during and after the Ardennes Offensive, crash-landing in Belgium after his plane was hit, and linking up with American troops. Additionally, Drake talks about his assignment to the 91st Bomb Group, the routine for a typical mission, formation flying, flying through enemy flak, rest and relaxation on-base and in London, recuperating from a collapsed lung, his return to combat for three more missions, and his return to the crash site of his plane 57 years later. The interview includes an appendix with "The Last Flight of 'Jezebel,'" written by Drake.
Date: October 16, 2002
Creator: Marcello, Ronald E. & Drake, Edward J.

Oral History Interview with Estel G. Burns, October 14, 2009

Description: Interview with Estel G. Burns, World War II veteran and B-17 pilot, as part of the Tarrant County War Veterans Project. The interview includes Burns' personal experiences of childhood and education in Missouri, farm life in the Great Depression, basic training, and training for aviation mechanics at Sheppard Field, Texas. Additionally, Burns talks about his family history, his 1942 enlistment in Army Air Corps, being accepted into pilot training, marriage to Dorothy Perrin, life at Deenethorpe Air Base, England, crew members and their respective duties on his plane, various missions bombing German targets, his feelings about missions against civilian targets, opinions of Luftwaffe pilots and of Germans, and his postwar Air Force career, including service in the Korean War. The interview includes an appendix of photographs.
Date: October 14, 2009
Creator: Hegi, Benjamin P. & Burns, Estel G.

Oral History Interview with Eugene Fowler, Jr., Joel D. Fowler, Joe W. Specht, and Melody S. Kelly, October 11, 2008

Description: Interview with Eugene Fowler, Jr., Joel D. Fowler, Joe W. Specht, and Melody Specht Kelly. The interview includes their personal experiences about the Duke and Ayres Store and the University of North Texas Lab School. The Fowlers and the Spechts talk about childhood and education, enlisting, family histories, the Denton square, various jobs, and race issues in Denton. The interview includes an appendix with photographs and articles.
Date: October 11, 2008
Creator: Mears, Michelle M.; Fowler, Eugene, Jr.; Fowler, Joel D.; Specht, Joe W. & Kelly, Melody Specht

Oral History Interview with Euline Brock, October 27, 1987

Description: Interview with Professor Euline Brock, community activist from Denton, Texas. In the interview, Brock discusses her experiences concerning the activities of the Denton Christian Women's Inter-Racial Fellowship during the 1960s and 1970s. She also comments on the early days of the organization, her personal experiences with discrimination, Denton's white power structure, the desegregation of public schools and facilities, the group's first meeting, political activities, urban renewal, and street paving in the African-American section of Denton.
Date: October 27, 1987
Creator: Byrd, Richard; Harris, Jane; Lohr, Mary & Brock, Euline

Oral History Interview with Evelyn Brown, October 30, 2007

Description: Interview with Evelyn Brown, Vietnam War-era veteran of the US Navy, as part of the Tarrant County War Veterans Oral History Project. The interview includes Brown's personal experiences of childhood and education in Pennsylvania, attending nursing school, enlisting in the Navy Nurse Corps, and being involved with veterans organizations. Additionally, Brown discusses her coming out experience, her assignment to facilities in Florida, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Camp Lejeune, N.C., and Quantico, Virginia, her decision to leave service upon assignment to USS Sanctuary, a hospital ship stationed off the coast of Vietnam, and her opinions regarding the "don't ask, don't tell" policy.
Date: October 30, 2007
Creator: Mims, Dennis Michael & Brown, Evelyn

Oral History Interview with George Ferguson, October 4, 1985

Description: Interview with George Ferguson, executive at Caltex Petroleum Corporation. The interview includes Ferguson's personal experiences about education, employment by Texaco, and transferring to Caltex. Ferguson also talks about the origins of Caltex, his Australian experience, activities during World War II, expatriates in Caltex, the Kurnell refinery, navy fuel oil contracts, nationalization, Texaco's and Socal's reentry into Europe, and Caltex's move from New York to Dallas.
Date: October 4, 1986
Creator: Marcello, Ronald E. & Ferguson, George

Oral History Interview with Giancarlo Quijano, October 11, 2012

Description: Interview with Giancarlo Quijano, West German-born Colombian immigrant to Denton, Texas, for the DFW Metroplex Immigration Oral History Project. The interview includes Quijano's personal experiences from his childhood in West Germany, life in Colombia during the 1990s violence, his family's immigration to Texas, his expectations of the U.S., and the subsequent culture shock. Quijano talks about the transition to American life, attending college as an international student, his experiences with the citizenship process, and his thoughts on the immigration debate.
Date: October 11, 2012
Creator: Duque, Samantha & Quijano, Giancarlo

Oral History Interview with Isabel Cano, October 10, 2009

Description: Interview with Isabel Cano, Argentina-born immigrant to Denton and daughter of Spanish diplomats, as part of the DFW Metroplex Immigrants Oral History Project. The interview includes Cano's personal experiences of immigration, struggling to learn English and acculturate, and provides family history, her first impressions of Texas, and opinions about Denton.
Date: October 10, 2009
Creator: Merrill, Linda & Cano, Isabel