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Oral History Interview with Allan Shivers, 1966-1968

Description: Interview with Allan Shivers, a former state senator, lieutenant governor, and governor of Texas, 1950-57. The interview includes Shivers' observations on political career of Lyndon Johnson, the Stevenson-Johnson senatorial race of 1948, the Stevenson-Eisenhower presidential campaign of 1952, the Johnson presidential race of 1960, Texas Democratic politics from 1952-56, and the Fifty-third State Legislature. The interview also includes his opinion on the governor's role in state party organization, the state Democratic Convention of 1951, the gubernatorial election of 1954, veterans land board controversy from 1954-55, as well as insurance scandals of the mid-1950s and the lame-duck governor.
Date: July 24, 1969
Creator: Brewer, Thomas B.; Gantt, Fred & Shivers, Allan

Oral History Interview with Allan Shivers, April 12, 1965

Description: Interview with former state senator, lieutenant governor, and governor of Texas (1950-57), Allan Shivers from Lufkin, Texas. The interview includes Shivers' observations on his career in the Texas Senate (1934-45), liquor control issue, pari-mutuel betting, lobbyists, oil politics, labor relations, comments about Governors James Allred and W. Lee O'Daniel, race for lieutenant governor in 1946, views on the operation of state government, education, Truman presidential race of 1948, tidelands oil, death of Governor Jester in 1949 and succession to governorship, gubernatorial election in 1950 and the Stevenson-Eisenhower campaign of 1952.
Date: April 12, 1965
Creator: Brewer, Thomas B. & Shivers, Allan

Oral History Interview with Alma Clark, September 29, 2006

Description: Interview with Alma Clark, first-generation descendant through marriage of Quakertown residents, as part of the Quakertown Oral History Project. The interview includes Clark's personal experiences about childhood and education, marrying Rev. "Willie" Clark, moving to Denton, and participating in Denton Christian Women's Fellowship. Clark also discusses her family's experience in Denton as well as her husband's feelings regarding Denton's Civic Center Park, on the site of Quakertown. The interview includes an appendix with photographs.
Date: June 29, 2006
Creator: Yancey, Sherelyn & Clark, Alma

Oral History Interview with Ghent Sanderford, 1967

Description: Interview with Ghent Sanderford, attorney. The interview includes Sanderford's experiences as private secretary to Governor Miriam A. Ferguson, 1925-27 and 1933-35, his relationship with James E. Ferguson, as well as comments about Governors Pat Neff, Dan Moody, James Allred, W. Lee O'Daniel, and Coke Stevenson. The interview also includes his opinions on the Johnson-Stevenson senatorial race of 1948 and the impeachment of James Ferguson.
Date: May 4, 1968
Creator: Odom, E. Dale & Sanderford, Ghent

Oral History Interview with Mrs. Dan Moody, 1968

Description: Interview with Mrs. Dan Moody, wife of former Texas Governor Dan Moody. The interview includes reminiscences of her husband's political career, the Al Smith campaign of 1928, the Stevenson-Johnson senatorial race of 1948, and excerpts from her Mansion Diary.
Date: August 16, 1968
Creator: Gantt, Fred & Moody, Daniel

Oral History Interview with Robert Stewart, March 27, 2003

Description: Interview with jazz musician Robert "Bob" Stewart. In the interview, Steward speaks about his early interest in music, his first drum set, first professional job with the Shorty Clements Band, attending college, his employment as a disk jockey, his definition of jazz, playing with the Charles Scott Band in fort Worth, after-hours clubs in Fort Worth, jazz's role in bringing together black and white musicians, various jazz clubs and venues in Fort Worth, musicians unions, the lack of full-time employment opportunities for jazz musicians in Fort Worth, the Fort Worth jazz scene, and peculiarities of Texas jazz and the "Texas Sound." The interview includes an appendix with photographs.
Date: March 27, 2003
Creator: Brown, Peggy Brandt & Stewart, Robert

Oral History Interview with Weldon Hart, 1966-1967

Description: Interviews with Weldon Hart, a public relations executive and executive director of the Texas Good Roads Association. The interviews includes Hart's experiences as press secretary and appointments secretary to former Governors Beauford Jester, 1947-50, and Allan Shivers, 1950-57; head of the Texas Employment Commission; organization of a Texas political machine; lobbying for the highway construction industries of Texas. The interviews took place on three separate dates: August 8, 1966, February 6, 1967, and July 3, 1967.
Date: December 18, 1967
Creator: Brewer, Thomas B.; Odom, E. Dale & Hart, Weldon

Oral History Interview with Wilhelmina Delco, May 15, 2006

Description: Interview with Wilhelmina R. Fitzgerald Delco, former member of the Texas House of Representatives (D-Austin). The interview includes Delco's personal experiences about childhood and education, marriage to Exalton A. Delco, Jr., being involved in community issues, running for the Austin Independent School District Board of Trustees, her 1974 election to the Texas House of Representatives seat representing Travis County, and serving as Speaker Pro Tem of the House. Additionally, Delco speaks about her family's involvement in Chicago politics, the difficulty of desegregating Austin schools in a manner that shared resources equitably with all groups, serving on the Committee on Public Education and Committee on Higher Education, being involved in the National Conference of State Legislatures, including efforts to encourage divestiture from apartheid-South Africa, as well as her involvement in efforts to reform the Texas higher education funding system and her commitment to education as her life's work.
Date: May 15, 2006
Creator: Moye, Todd & Delco, Whilhelmina