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Oral History Interview with Dulcie Barnier Dreyspring, December 4, 2012

Description: Interview with Dulcie Barnier Dreyspring, Australian-born immigrant to Fort Worth, Texas, for the DFW Metroplex Immigrants Oral History Project. The interview includes Dreyspring's personal experiences of childhood in Australia, interactions with American soldiers during World War II, the Japanese invasion of Australia, her first visit to the U.S., first impressions of America, her first marriage to an American, and her return to Australia for the immigration process. It also includes her impressions of various American cities, views on American identity, her siblings in Australia, reasons for moving to Fort Worth, her second marriage to an American airman, adopting Texas culture, and advice for future immigrants.
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Date: December 4, 2012
Creator: Bravo, Francis & Dreyspring, Dulcie Barnier

Oral History Interview with K. O. Dahlgren, May 28, 2002

Description: Interview with K.O. Dahlgren, civil engineer and Marine Corps veteran. The interview includes Dahlgren's personal experiences about being a PBJ co-pilot in the Southwest Pacific Theater during World War II, enlisting in the Navy, primary and secondary flight training through the Civilian Pilot Training Program, pre-flight training, basic and advanced flight training, and navigation school. Additionally, Dahlgren talks about his early interest in aviation, designation as an Aviation Cadet, the transition to multi-engine planes at Corpus Christi and his transfer to the Marine Corps, transferring to Cherry Point, North Carolina, crew formation and PBJ training at Cherry Point, advanced training, his personal views on combat and the Japanese, stationing to Green Island, "night heckling" missions to Rabaul, his assignment to and living conditions in Emirau, skip-bombing, strafing, and night bombing missions, rest and relaxation in Australia, his rotation back to the states, and his postwar career.
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Date: May 28, 2002
Creator: Koontz, Christopher N. & Dahlgren, K. O.

Oral History Interview with Lester C. Rasbury, 1978

Description: Interview with Lester C. Rasbury, a member of 2nd Battalion, 131st Field Artillery, 36th Division, during World War Two from Decatur, Texas. This interview summarizes his experience in the Pacific, specifically Australia and the Philippines, during the war, as well as his time as a prisoner-of-war; his battalion has become known as the "Lost Battalion" over the years.
Date: {1978-06-10, 1978-06-15}
Creator: Marcello, Ronald E. & Rasbury, Lester C.

Oral History Interview with Robert W. Wilson, June 6, 2001

Description: Interview with airline pilot and Army Air Forces veteran Robert W. Wilson. The interview includes Wilson's personal experiences about being B-25 pilot in the Pacific Theater during World War II, basic training, college preparatory courses, flight training, and various missions. Wilson talks about his pre-war job experiences, flying conditions over the Owen Stanley Mountains, Operation OBOE, leave time in Sydney, Australia, the move to Palawan, Philippines, missions to French Indo-China, attitudes and feelings towards the deaths of comrades, and postwar adjustments. The interview includes an appendix with supplementary documents.
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Date: June 6, 2001
Creator: Marcello, Ronald E. & Wilson, Robert W.