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Oral History Interview with Shelley Schnittker, February 24, 2013

Description: Interview with U.S. Navy Seaman, Avionics Technician, and Persian Gulf War-era Veteran Shelley Schnittker for the Women Veterans Oral History Project. The interview includes her experiences with childhood in Arlington and the effects of her parent's divorce. She talks about her experience in drug rehab, reasons for joining the Navy, training in a job recently opened to women, her experience in an all-female company at boot camp, life at duty station in San Diego, California, and the reaction of her family when she told them of her enlistment. It also includes her experience as part of a detachment aboard the aircraft carrier USS Constellation, her thoughts on women in combat and the expanding role of women in the Navy in the early 1990s. She talks about her first marriage, as well as attending Baylor University and the reaction of other students in regards to her veteran status, the lack of support for women veterans at Baylor, the shellback ceremony, and her advice for future generations of women in the military. Schnittker also talks about unreported sexual assault during avionics school, and gives advice to victims of military sexual trauma. It includes an appendix with photographs and a list detailing Schnittker's military career.
Date: February 24, 2013
Creator: Hedrick, Amy & Schnittker, Shelley

Oral History Interview with Charlye Heggins, February 19, 2013

Description: Interview with former Denton City Council member Charlye Heggins as part of the UNT African American Remembrance Project. The interview includes Heggins' personal experiences about her childhood, raising a family, doing volunteer work in Denton, and being involved with Texas politics. She particularly talks about discrimination and race issues in Denton during the 1970s and '80s. It includes an appendix with photographs and an article about her death.
Date: February 19, 2013
Creator: Stallings, Chelsea & Heggins, Charlye

Oral History Interview with William F. Collier, February 17, 2013

Description: Interview with William F. Collier, Marine veteran and Air America helicopter pilot, for the Air America Oral History Project. The interview includes Collier's personal experiences as a Marine helicopter pilot in Vietnam, living with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, living in Thailand, search and rescue missions, and the Marine Aviation Cadet program, as well as his early love of aviation, interaction with the local populations in Southeast Asia, rumors about Air America, thoughts on the Air America movie, leaving Air America, and his thoughts on U.S. involvement in Laos as well as his own involvement. The interview includes an appendix with a short story written by Collier.
Date: February 17, 2013
Creator: Ferguson, J. Michael & Collier, William F.

Oral History Interview with Josephine Bermejo, February 16, 2013

Description: Interview with Josephine Bermejo, first generation of Bermejo women, for the Mexican American Women's Educational Experience Oral History Project. The interview includes Bermejo's recollections of schooling in Minnesota and Iowa, learning in English schools, leaving school for family obligations, and getting a GED in Fort Worth, Texas. Bermejo also talks about children's education and her thoughts on the future of Mexican American education. It includes an appendix with the Bermejo family tree.
Date: February 16, 2013
Creator: Bravo, Francis & Bermejo, Josephine