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Oral History Interview with Bob and Ada Reed Brewer, March 14, 1984

Description: Interview with Ada Reed and Bob Brewer, owners and operators of A. B. McGill and Company General Merchants. In the interview, the Brewers discuss their family backgrounds, marriage, losses on charge accounts during the Great Depression, the change from clerk-service to self-service operation of the store, the credit business, purchasing clothes at the Dallas fashion market, customer interests, changes in product lines, commercial and residential growth in the Bertram area, using direct mail and radio advertising, their involvement with the Texas Retail Association, factors in developing a successful business, and civic activities. The interview includes an appendix with a flyer, photographs, articles, and letters.
Date: March 14, 1984
Creator: Jenkins, Floyd; Brewer, Ada Reed & Brewer, Bob

Oral History Interview with Ernest Griffith, November 4, 1982

Description: Interview with Ernest Griffith, owner and operator of Griffith's Independent Ginner. The interview includes Griffith's personal experiences about education in Texola, Oklahoma, part-time employment as cotton picker, and being involved in building cotton gins and operating drug stores. Griffith also talks about his family background, the operation of Griffith and Stith cotton gin, buying cotton and retaining cotton seed, variations in cotton prices, sale of coal to farmers, buying grain for Kimball Milling Company, Weinert cotton gin personnel, significant changes in the cotton ginning business during thirty years, the ginning procedure, and civic and trade association activities.
Date: November 4, 1982
Creator: Jenkins, Floyd & Griffith, Ernest

Oral History Interview with Ernest L. Ellis, June 30, 1981

Description: Interview with Ernest L. Ellis, owner and operator of Frank Ellis Dealer in Everything. The interview includes Ellis' personal experiences of employment with his father, Frank Ellis, in the general store. Ellis talks about his family background, effects of the Great Depression in New Hope, Texas businesses, food market opening, business operations during World War II, his employment as a feed salesman, general store advertising, his father's use of peddling wagon, Dallas fair and Mesquite trade day, and retirement.
Date: June 30, 1981
Creator: Jenkins, Floyd & Ellis, Ernest L.

Oral History Interview with Bertha Rosenzweig, November 15, 1979

Description: Interview with Bertha Rosenzweig, co-founder of Tex-Glass, Inc. in Decatur, Texas. The interview includes Rosenzweig's personal experiences about her education in New York, and having a teaching career. Rosenzweig talks about her family background, her knowledge of her husband's family background and his life in Europe during the Hitler era, his technical training, work in glass factories, starting his own glass factory in Vienna, fleeing Nazis and migrating to Greece, the Jewish underground in Central Europe, fleeing to Egypt, Palestine, and his migration to the U.S. Additionally, Rosenzweig talks about their meeting and marriage, work in Canada and Mexico, opening a glass factory in Athens, Texas, moving to Decatur, employee relations, products and the production process, the distribution system, financing methods, her managing the business, sale of the business, and reparations from the Austrian government.
Date: November 15, 1979
Creator: Jenkins, Floyd & Rosenzweig, Bertha

Oral History Interviews with Richard, November 1974

Description: Interview with Richard Rogers, president of Mary Kay Cosmetics. The interview includes Rogers' personal experiences about forming a company. Rogers talks about his mother's (Mary Kay) selling career and its impact on her own company, relations with sales personnel, marketing and sales motivation, the wig business, pricing, the dual management system, legal aspects and government regulations, his views on government regulation, self-regulation, consumerism, product quality, reasons for going public with stock, financing methods, contract and private labeling, budgeting, expansion, reasons for the success of Mary Kay Cosmetics, specialization vs. diversification, building a management team, and his views on motivational differences between men and women.
Date: November 1974
Creator: Caruth, Donald L. & Rogers, Richard

Oral History Interviews with Mary Kay Ash, November 1974

Description: Interview with cosmetics entrepreneur Mary Kay Ash. The interview includes Ash's personal experiences about her early sales career and its impact upon her future business philosophy, methods, and the success of Mary Kay Cosmetics. Ash talks about planning prior to launching the company, problems and solutions in the beginning, early legal problems with competitors, her concern for women's opportunities, development and growth of sales, the role of her children in the company, methods of recruiting, training, and attitude building, marketing and sales techniques, incentive plans, sales territories, pricing, the party plan, employee promotion, her views on successful managerial traits and on the motivational differences between men and women, applying the Golden Rule toward employees and customers, her attitudes and philosophy toward employee relations, using her intuition in decision making, and reasons for the growth of Mary Kay Cosmetics.
Date: November 1974
Creator: Caruth, Donald L. & Ash, Mary Kay

Oral History Interview with Arthur and Louise Caillet Dieterich, August 11, 1985

Description: Interview with Arthur and Louise Caillet Dieterich, owners and operators of Hermosa Farms, Dallas, Texas. The interview includes the Dieterich's personal experiences about farming in Dallas, education, and establishing Hermosa Farms. The Dieterich's talk about their family backgrounds, Arthur's employment as operator of dairy cooperative with his brother in El Paso, Texas, the effect of the Great Depression on Dallas dairy businesses, milk processing and delivery operations, a typical day on a dairy farm, their change from retail to wholesale business, developing dairy herd, their cooperation with agricultural experiment stations, personnel practices, and civic and trade association activities. The interview includes an appendix with a family history written by Louise Caillet Dieterich.
Date: August 11, 1985
Creator: Jenkins, Floyd & Dieterich, Arthur