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Oral History Interview with J. C. Matthews, February 18, 1977

Description: Interview with J. C. Matthews, Former president of North Texas State College and North Texas State University, from Denton, Texas. In the interview, he discusses his experiences concerning the desegregation of North Texas State College in the 1950's, and the initial period of integration on campus. He also expresses his views on the Atkins suit, the Campus Theatre incident, the desegregation of local businesses, and the desegregation of the athletic program.
Date: February 18, 1977
Creator: Mangrum, Robert & Matthews, J. C.

Oral History Interview with Weldon Hart, 1966-1967

Description: Interviews with Weldon Hart, a public relations executive and executive director of the Texas Good Roads Association. The interviews includes Hart's experiences as press secretary and appointments secretary to former Governors Beauford Jester, 1947-50, and Allan Shivers, 1950-57; head of the Texas Employment Commission; organization of a Texas political machine; lobbying for the highway construction industries of Texas. The interviews took place on three separate dates: August 8, 1966, February 6, 1967, and July 3, 1967.
Date: December 18, 1967
Creator: Brewer, Thomas B.; Odom, E. Dale & Hart, Weldon

Oral History Interview with Larry S. Hilliard, April 18, 1992

Description: Interview with Larry S. Hilliard, army veteran and nurse from Kerens, Texas. This interview looks into his experiences as a nurse in Vietnam, 1970-71. Topics include: assignment to 18th surgical Hospital, Quang Tri; his typical workday; off-duty recreation; treatment of combat casualties; equipment and blood shortages; drug problems; morale; communications with his family; leave policies; work with Vietnamese civilians; treating enemy POWs; “short-time”; lasting effects of Vietnam experience.
Date: April 18, 1992
Creator: Houser, Cindy & Hilliard, Larry S.

Oral History Interview with Billie Joyce Towles, February 18, 2010

Description: Interview with Billie Joyce Towles, longtime resident of Weatherford, Texas, as part of the Weatherford Oral History Project. The interview includes Towles' personal experiences of childhood and education in Weatherford, Depression-era struggles, and living in Weatherford during World War II. Towles also discusses her father's work with the Works Progress Administration, marriage to Norman Towles, her family's switch from Democratic loyalty to Republican, her personal evolution on race issues, and religious devotion.
Date: February 18, 2010
Creator: Liles, Debbie & Towles, Billie Joyce

Autobiographical Narrative of Leonard A. Charpentier, June 18, 1999

Description: Narrative of Dr. Leonard A. Charpentier. The narrative includes a monologue of Charpentier's experiences as a P-47 fighter pilot in the European Theater during World War II. Charpentier talks about basic training, flight training, fighter pilot training, his assignment to the 86th Fighter Squadron on Corsica, the P-47 Thunderbolt, various missions, his being shot down on a mission over southern France and being captured, the treatment of his wounds at a German field hospital, and his postwar medical career.
Date: June 18, 1999
Creator: Charpentier, Leonard A.

Oral History Interview with Wilbur H. Ford, November 18, 1999

Description: Interview with Army Air Forces veteran Wilbur H. Ford. The interview includes Ford's personal experiences about being a B-17 pilot in the European Theater during World War II, training, transferring to the Army Air Force from the Army, flight training, B-17 transition training, and crew training. Ford also talks about his assignment to the 401st Bomb Group, enemy flak, the highlights of his nine missions over Germany, battle damage to his plane, the Dresden raid, returning to the States, and transition training in B-29s for transfer to the Pacific Theater.
Date: November 18, 1999
Creator: Alexander, William J. & Ford, Wilbur H.

Oral History Interview with Melvin R. Baird, 1998

Description: Interview with Navy veteran Melvin R. "Pancho" Baird. It includes a combination of interviewing and reading from Baird's personal correspondence about his pre-World War II experiences with the U.S. Asiatic Fleet and his later experiences in the Pacific Theater during World War II. Baird talks about his stationing aboard the destroyer USS Alden as a radioman, the grounding of the SS President Hoover off of Hoishito Island, the Sino-Japanese War, liberty ashore various Asian port cities, events on the South China Patrol, civilian activities after his discharge, activities as a radio technician on Blue Beach during the Okinawan Campaign, kamikaze actions on Okinawa, and typical shipboard routine.
Date: August 18, 1998
Creator: Baird, James & Baird, Melvin R.

Oral History Interview with Ralph L. Cerny, September 18, 2000

Description: Interview with Army veteran Ralph L. Cerny. The interview includes Cerny's personal experiences about being a combat infantryman in the Southwest Pacific Theater during World War II, joining the Illinois National Guard, federalization of the Illinois National Guard, training at Camp Forrest, Tennessee, shipping to Camp Darwin, Australia, and combat around Mount Austen on Guadalcanal. Additionally, Cerny talks about the formation of the American Division and landings at New Caledonia, transferring of the division to Guadalcanal, the fate of Japanese prisoners-of-war, evacuation to the Fiji islands for rest and recuperation, landings on Bougainville, patrol and reconnaissance activities on Bougainville, his rotation back to the States, stateside duty as a drill instructor at Fort McClellan, and his postwar career.
Date: September 18, 2000
Creator: Lane, Peter B. & Cerny, Ralph L.