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Oral History Interview with Frank L. Dolan, December 15, 1995

Description: Interview with Navy veteran Frank L. Dolan. The interview includes Dolan's personal experiences aboard the repair ship USS Vestal during the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The interview includes an appendix with a narrative written by Dolan.
Date: December 15, 1995
Creator: Marcello, Ronald E. & Dolan, Frank L.
Item Type: Book

Oral History Interview with H. W. Kamp, October 10, 1995

Description: Interview with former college professor at the North Texas State College H. W. Kamp from Denton, Texas. In the interview, Kamp describes his experiences concerning the desegregation of the college.
Date: October 10, 1995
Creator: Price, Tammi & Kamp, H. W.
Item Type: Book

Oral History Interview with Joe L. Atkins, June 20, 1995

Description: Interview with educator Joe L. Atkins from Jefferson, Texas. In the interview, Atkins discusses his experiences and role in the desegregation of North Texas State College in the 1950's. He also recollects memories such as his rejection for admission, the Atkins v. Matthews case, early civil rights activities with the NAACP Youth Council in Dallas, and his decision to attend the Texas Western College. Atkins comments on several civil rights leaders such as Juanita Craft, Thurgood Marshall, and W. H. Durham, and also on several school administrators at the North Texas State College.
Date: June 20, 1995
Creator: Marcello, Ronald E. & Atkins, Joe L.
Item Type: Book

Oral History Interview with Robert B. Toulouse, October 3, 1995

Description: Interview with college administrator Robert B. Toulouse from Wellsville, Missouri. In the interview, Toulouse discusses his experiences during the desegregation of the North Texas State College and comments on President J. C. Matthews.
Date: October 3, 1995
Creator: Price, Tammi & Toulouse, Robert B.
Item Type: Book