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Oral History Interview with Arthur B. Clark, September 29, 2000

Description: Interview with Army veteran and member of the "Lost Battalion" Arthur B. Clark. The interview includes Clark's personal experiences about being a prisoner-of-war of the Japanese during World War II, the Fall of Java and capture, the Changi Prison Camp, building the Burma-Thailand Death Railway, and liberation by the OSS. The interview includes an appendix with a reference page and a written flight log by Col. Tom Sledge.
Date: September 29, 2000
Creator: Marcello, Ronald E. & Clark, Arthur B.

Oral History Interview with Charles C. Brabham, Jr., September 9, 2003

Description: Interview with Army veteran Charles C. Brabham Jr. The interview includes Brabham's personal experiences about the Southwest Pacific Theater during World War II, his youth in Dallas during the Great Depression, joining the 112th Cavalry at age 16, his mobilization and various assignments, and his medical evacuation die to malaria, dysentery, and hookworm.
Date: September 9, 2003
Creator: Johnston, Glenn T. & Brabham, Charles C., Jr.

Oral History Interview with Frank Breyer, September 20, 2003

Description: Interview with Army veteran Frank Breyer. The interview includes Breyer's personal experiences about the China-Burma-India Theater during World War II, volunteering for the draft, various assignments, his attachment to Merrill's Marauders, medical evacuation to Ledo, combat around Bhamo, Burma, the opening of the Burma Road, transfer to the 612th Artillery and to Kunming, China, for artillery training, teaching artillery tactics to Chinese troops with the Chinese Combat and Training Command, and the resumption of fighting between Chinese Nationalist and Communist forces.
Date: September 20, 2003
Creator: Alexander, William J. & Breyer, Frank

Oral History Interview with George E. Fortenberry, September 24, 2003

Description: Interview with George E. Fortenberry, who is an Army veteran and college professor from Arlington, Texas. In the interview, Fortenberry discusses his experiences in the Southwest Pacific Theatre during his time as a member of the 112th Cavalry of the Texas National Guard during World War II. He also describes what it was like growing up during the Great Depression and attending various different schools in both Texas and Oklahoma. Fortenberry discusses why he decided to join the National Guard, and also his experiences in early basic cavalry training. During much of the interview, Fortenberry reminisces about many of his various assignments and duties while serving in the war. Among these discussed include his assignment as a clerk to the veterinary section, time in Fort Bliss and Fort Clark, his shipment overseas to Noumea in New Caledonia, his transfer to the Medical Detachment as a clerk, and his time in New Britain, New Guinea and the Philippines. Fortenberry also recollects about everyday life in the Southwest Pacific, and includes details on tropical diseases and combat-related psychological problems that many of his comrades suffered through.
Date: September 24, 2003
Creator: Johnston, Glenn T. & Fortenberry, George E.

Oral History Interview with Harriett Shelton Collins, September 16, 2006

Description: Interview with longtime resident of Cisco, Texas, Harriett Shelton Collins as part of the Eastland County African American Women Oral History Project. The interview includes Collins' personal experiences about education in Cisco's all-black, one-room Smithville Elementary School, her pregnancy and marriage to Bill Collins, working at the Boss Glove Factory, earning her GED, entering beauty school, and earning a degree as a Licensed Vocational Nurse. Additionally, Collins speaks about social life among blacks in Cisco, especially in church activities, her experiences with racial discrimination, the phenomenon of "passing" among blacks in Cisco and elsewhere, her experiences at "Negro Achievement Day" at the Texas State Fair in Dallas, and her children's experiences in public school during desegregation.
Date: September 16, 2006
Creator: Rose, Harriett DeAnn & Collins, Harriett Shelton

Oral History Interview with Hugh W. Calvert, September 10, 2003

Description: Interview with Army veteran Hugh W. Calvert. The interview includes Calvert's personal experiences about the Southwest Pacific Theater during World War II, youth during the Great Depression, his assignment to the 1st Reconnaissance Squadron, tank school at Fort Knox, transferring to Service Troop, his assignment to New Caledonia and to Woodlark Island, operation on Arawe, the Driniumor River Campaign, and his rotation back to the States.
Date: September 10, 2003
Creator: Johnston, Glenn T. & Calvert, Hugh W.

Oral History Interview with John L. Bates, Jr., September 21, 2003

Description: Interview with attorney and Army veteran John L. Bates Jr. The Interview includes Bates' personal experiences in the China-Burma-India Theater during World War II, Officer Candidate School, being selected for the Counter Intelligence Corps, British Intelligence School, assignment to Kweiyang, China, the end of the war and his transfer to the War Crimes Section as an Assistant Theater Judge Advocate, his assignment to Hankow to investigate the executions of three of Jimmy Doolittle's pilots and to Formosa to investigate war crimes, dealing with Japanese military personnel accused of committing atrocities against Allied POWs on Formosa, and his postwar career in the Army Reserve.
Date: September 21, 2003
Creator: Alexander, William J. & Bates, John L., Jr.

Oral History Interview with Ralph L. Cerny, September 18, 2000

Description: Interview with Army veteran Ralph L. Cerny. The interview includes Cerny's personal experiences about being a combat infantryman in the Southwest Pacific Theater during World War II, joining the Illinois National Guard, federalization of the Illinois National Guard, training at Camp Forrest, Tennessee, shipping to Camp Darwin, Australia, and combat around Mount Austen on Guadalcanal. Additionally, Cerny talks about the formation of the American Division and landings at New Caledonia, transferring of the division to Guadalcanal, the fate of Japanese prisoners-of-war, evacuation to the Fiji islands for rest and recuperation, landings on Bougainville, patrol and reconnaissance activities on Bougainville, his rotation back to the States, stateside duty as a drill instructor at Fort McClellan, and his postwar career.
Date: September 18, 2000
Creator: Lane, Peter B. & Cerny, Ralph L.

Oral History Interview with Rosendo Evaro, September 30, 2006

Description: Interview with Evaro Rosendo as part of the Arms Along the Border Oral History Project. The interview includes Rosendo's personal experiences over a lifetime in Redford, Texas. Rosendo speaks about the local folklore concerning the presence of U.S. armed forces and Border Patrol agents in the Big Bend region throughout the 20th century, as well as the shooting of Esequiel Hernandez, Jr.
Date: September 30, 2006
Creator: Folsom, Brad & Evaro, Rosendo

Oral History Interview with Salvador Espino, September 26, 2007

Description: Interview with Fort Worth city councilman Salvador Espino as part of the North Texas Immigrant Rights Movement Oral History Project. The interview includes Espino's personal experiences about childhood and education, having a career a computer consultant, accountant, and attorney, volunteering for Catholic Diocese, and running for a seat representing District Two on the Fort Worth City Council. Espino also discusses the district demographics and priorities, the creation of Latinos Unidos, and his involvement in Fort Worth's 2006 immigrant rights march. The interview also includes an appendix with an article written by Espino.
Date: September 26, 2007
Creator: Moye, Todd & Espino, Salvador