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Oral History Interview with Bertha Rosenzweig, November 15, 1979
Interview with Bertha Rosenzweig, co-founder of Tex-Glass, Inc. in Decatur, Texas. The interview includes Rosenzweig's personal experiences about her education in New York, and having a teaching career. Rosenzweig talks about her family background, her knowledge of her husband's family background and his life in Europe during the Hitler era, his technical training, work in glass factories, starting his own glass factory in Vienna, fleeing Nazis and migrating to Greece, the Jewish underground in Central Europe, fleeing to Egypt, Palestine, and his migration to the U.S. Additionally, Rosenzweig talks about their meeting and marriage, work in Canada and Mexico, opening a glass factory in Athens, Texas, moving to Decatur, employee relations, products and the production process, the distribution system, financing methods, her managing the business, sale of the business, and reparations from the Austrian government.
Oral History Interview with Charles C. Christensen, October 1, 1979
Interview with Navy veteran Charles C. Christensen. The interview includes Christensen's personal experiences while aboard the auxiliary repair ship USS Argonne during the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The interview includes an appendix with postcards and letters.
Oral History Interview with David Allred, October 31, 1979
Interview with Democratic journalist and member of the Texas House of Representative David Allred, from Wichita Falls, Texas. David Allred was the son of former Governor James V. Allred. In the interview, Allred describes some of his experiences as a member of the Sixty-sixth Legislature. His topics of discussion include the Sam Houston Caucus, his impressions of Governor William Clements and Speaker Bill Clayton, consumer legislation, interest rates, tax reliefs, the Peveto Bill, and the "Killer Bees".
Oral History Interview with Fred Agnich, November 30, 1979
Interview with Fred Agnich, businessman and member of the Texas House of Representatives from Dallas, Republican. The interview includes Agnich's personal experiences about being a member of the 66th Legislature. Agnich talks about his relationship with Governor William Clements, appropriations, tax relief, the Peveto bill, consumer legislation, "Killer Bees," and the split primary.
Oral History Interview with Oscar H. Mauzy, August 2, 1979
Interview with Democratic Texas Senator Oscar H. Mauzy, from Dallas, Texas. In the interview, Oscar discusses his experiences and personal views as a member of the Sixty-sixth Legislature. He also comments about Governor William Clements, appropriations, teacher salaries, public school financing, consumer legislation, the presidential primary bill, and "Killer Bees".
Oral History Interview with Sarah T. Hughes, August 23, 1979
Interview with Judge Sarah T. Hughes, former state legislator, state district judge, and federal district judge. In the interview, Sarah describes her experiences and personal views concerning the Sharpstown stock-fraud scandal, the Dallas County Jail, the constitutionality of abortion, and the desegregation of the Dallas Independent School District.