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Hand-Written Program Lists, 1981-1982

Description: Handwritten cue sheets for Music USA, 1981-1982. Includes: Individual Program Lists, February and March 1978; Handwritten Program Lists, December 1981; Handwritten Program Lists, January-March 1982; Interview with Lee Bark; Notes for Art Farmer program; UDC Lab Jazz Band; Toni Wilson notes.
Date: unknown
Creator: Conover, Willis

Hand-Written Program Lists, Debrecen Jazz Days, September 8-13, 1981

Description: Handwritten cue sheets for Music USA, unknown dates. Includes: Gyorgy Szabados, piano: Budapest; "Philadelphia" Jerry Ricks, vocals & guitar: USA; Radio Big Band: Berlin; Pori Bigband featuring Ted Burson: Finland; Jazz group of Rousse/Bulgaria; Kati Bontovica and Supertrio: Budapest; Fusti-Lakatos Quintet featuring Tat Guinez, conga: Budapest; Thermacnius Quartet: Kobenhaven; Jana Koubkova Trio: Praha; Graham Collier Band: London; Team/Tamas Berki: Budapest; Binder Quintet: Budapest; Jazz Workshop of Debrecen; Pege Quintet: Budapest; Tomsits Quartet: Novi Sad, Yugoslavia; Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone & Weet Gev. Aladar Pege, bass: Budapest; String Connection: Warsaw, Poland; Markovic-Gut Sextet: Beograd, Yugoslavia; Christian Esconde and his Workshop: Paris, France; Siger Small Band: London; Workshop Group of Gyorgy Vukan; Saturnus, Budapest; Erich Klunshuster Quintet: Vienna, Austria; Jazz Band Radi Ostrava: Tscheckoslovakia; Enrico Rava Quartet: Milano, Italy; Workshop Group of Gyorgy Szabados: Budapest; Kaszako Group: Budapest; Hulin Quintet: Szeged, Hungary.
Date: 1981
Creator: Conover, Willis

Interview with Benny Goodman

Description: Unedited audio of Willis Conover's interview with Benny Goodman, including short statements for various broadcast services within VOA, and a longer interview presumably for Music USA #394-B.
Date: December 21, 1955
Creator: Conover, Willis

Interviews with Billy Eckstine and Teddi King

Description: Willis Conover interviews Billy Eckstine and Teddi King at Washington, D.C.'s Union Station, on the RCA Victor Starliner train. Eckstine and King were performing to benefit the March of Dimes; the interviews were apparently used in Music USA programs #420-B (Eckstine) and #421-B (King).
Date: January 21, 1956
Creator: Conover, Willis