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[Ray McKinley Band with Jim Maxwell]

Description: Photograph of Ray McKinley (left) presenting Jim Maxwell with a piece of paper and offering to shake his hand. Band members in the background hold their instruments while applauding and smiling in their direction. A handwritten note at the bottom of the photo says: "Jim Maxwell, formerly with the N.T. Jazz program, joins the Ray McKinley Band and on their appearance at T.W.U. Ray McKinley surprises Jim by presenting him with his Masters degree."
Date: Autumn 1956

Arianna e Teseo

Description: Libretto of the opera seria "Arianna e Teseo" by Pietro Pariati. The story unfolds in the island of Crete where several young Athenian men are brought to be ritually sacrificed, and Athenian maidens are to be delivered as victims to a minotaur that lives in a labyrinth. Among the Athenians is Arianna, the daughter of Minos (Minosse), King of Crete, who was abducted as a child by King Aegeus, and Teseo, Aegeus's son. Teseo is determined to kill the minotaur in order to save Arianna's friend Laodice, but Arianna believes that he loves her friend. In spite of her doubts, she hands over to Teseo the secret how to kill the minotaur and vanquish Tauride, King Mino's champion, which she overheard from Minos. The work ends with Teseo's victory over the minotaur and his reconciliation with Arianna.
Date: 1764
Creator: Pariati, Pietro, 1665-1733