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Music USA #5262-B [part], Duke Ellington at the White House, Part I

Description: The first part of a series of Music USA programs on Duke Ellington's 70th birthday party at the White House. This segment is the last 17 minutes of Music USA #5262-B, the rest of which featured the Miles Davis album "Odyssey!" (Prestige 7540). The program was originally broadcast on May 27, 1969.
Date: April 29, 1969
Creator: Conover, Willis
Item Type: Sound

Willis Conover at the microphone

Description: Photograph of Willis Conover at a microphone at radio station WWDC, Washington, D.C., holding a cigarette in one hand, and the May 1949 issue of Metronome magazine in the other. Fran Warren is on the cover of the magazine.
Date: 1949
Item Type: Photograph

Music USA: Transcript of Program Featuring Bing Crosby

Description: Transcript of Willis Conover's interview with Bing Crosby, with scripts for Bing Crosby's introductions to musical selections. Text in the interview places it after Music USA #1422, the Irving Berlin tribute program (November 1958).
Date: 1958?
Item Type: Text