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Stan Kenton with unknown female fan

Description: Photograph of Stan Kenton with unknown female fan. He is holding onto a microphone stand and has his arm around the woman, who is wearing all black. An instrument and people are partially visible behind them.
Date: 1951~
Creator: Kemle, William

[Stan Kenton with Barry Ulanov]

Description: Photograph of Stan Kenton with Barry Ulanov (editor of Metronome magazine), seated on a couch at Carnegie Hall. Kenton is smoking a cigarette.
Date: April 9, 1950
Creator: Leonard, Herman

[Stan Kenton and company at the Schirmer opening]

Description: Photograph of Stan Kenton and six other men at the November 1946 Schirmer opening in Brooklyn, N.Y. They are standing around a water cooler, from left to right: Murray Boykin, Walter Rivere, Lou Ferrara, John Cooney, Stan Kenton, and Al Levine.
Date: 1946

[Kenton at record store with fans]

Description: Photograph of Stan Kenton at a record store surrounded by a large group of fans. Behind him, there are shelves full of records and displayed photographs.
Date: 1947~
Creator: Luce, Edwin B.

[Kenton band pictorial for Metronome Magazine]

Description: Pictorial date for Metronome magazine, taken at Cafe Rouge, Hotel Penn. in New York, NY. (The band was playing nightly nearby at the Paramount Theatre during this period).
Date: 1946-10~
Creator: Zinn, Arthur

[Stan Kenton at record store]

Description: Photograph of Stan Kenton selling record albums in a store. A group of people are gathered around his table and Kenton is standing in front of a wall of shelves full of albums.
Date: 1947~

[Kenton recording session of "New Concepts of Artistry in Rhythm"]

Description: Photograph of the recording session for "New Concepts of Artistry in Rhythm," done by Capitol Records in Chicago, IL. Pictured, from left to right are: Stan Kenton, unknown, Frank Rosolino, Don Bagley, and conductor Johnny Richards.
Date: September 8, 1952
Creator: Stevens, Dale

[Downbeat Award Ceremony]

Description: Photograph of the Progressive Jazz Orchestra at Downbeat Award ceremony. June Christy (with husband Bob Cooper) is presented the Downbeat Award by the magazine's West Coast editor Charles Emge. Center photos: Mexican singer Paco who also performed on this live KLAC telecast at the Hollywood Palladium.
Date: February 21, 1951

Stan Kenton addressing audience

Description: Photograph of Stan Kenton addressing an audience. He is standing at the head of the room, in front of screens and potted plants. In the foreground, an audience is seated in rows, watching Kenton.
Date: 1960
Creator: Gibson-Naill Studios

[Stan Kenton at Earl Carroll's Theatre]

Description: Photograph of Stan Kenton with chorus girls at Earl Carroll's Theatre in Hollywood. Kenton is seating next to an upright piano and the girls are gathered around him; one of the girls has her foot on his lap. On the back: Stan and Erroll [sic] Carroll showgirls; Stan conducted orchestra; taken sometime in early '40's.
Date: November 1945

[Stan Kenton at a Beach]

Description: Two photographs of Stan Kenton seated in the sand. Behind him there is a pier reaching out into the water. The photos are tilted, on the middle of a black proof sheet.
Date: unknown

[Stan Kenton at a studio]

Description: Photograph proof sheet of twelve different images showing Stan Kenton at a studio or radio station. In the left column, there is an image of Kenton choosing a tie at the top, one of Kenton standing in a hallway with two unidentified men, on of an unidentified man in a sound studio with Kenton leaning over him, and one at the bottom of Kenton and a second man at a table in the sound studio. In the middle column, the top two images show Kenton sitting in a folding chair on a stage; the two bottom images show Kenton and an unidentified man sitting on either side of a table with a long microphone between them. In the right column, there is an image of an unknown man at the top, two of Kenton standing at a microphone in the middle, and an image at the bottom of Kenton standing at the microphone in front of several musicians with his arm raised.
Date: unknown

[Stan Kenton and orchestra members]

Description: Photograph of Stan Kenton standing on a stage. Behind him are three unidentified orchestra members in front of a curtain. One of the men is standing with an upright bass, one is seated and holding a guitar, and the third man is seated but there is no instrument visible.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of Stan Kenton and Audience]

Description: Photograph of Stan Kenton in front of a seated crowd. Imprint on the bottom left: Stan Kenton and his Orchestra; Personal Management: Carlos Gastel. Imprint on the bottom right: Management, General Artists Corporation.
Date: unknown

Stan Kenton

Description: Portrait of Stan Kenton, wearing a striped suit, leaning over with his hands on his knee.
Date: unknown
Creator: Rothschild Photo