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Hand-Written Program Lists, 1981-1982

Description: Handwritten cue sheets for Music USA, 1981-1982. Includes: Individual Program Lists, February and March 1978; Handwritten Program Lists, December 1981; Handwritten Program Lists, January-March 1982; Interview with Lee Bark; Notes for Art Farmer program; UDC Lab Jazz Band; Toni Wilson notes.
Date: unknown
Creator: Conover, Willis

Willis Conover, program pilot for Ballantine Ale

Description: A short pilot program, from the early 1950s, followed by Conover discussing the various programs he hosted in the Washington, D.C. area. The pilot combines elements of WEAM's "House of Sounds" and a late-night program at that station. The tape had been previously used, and may have come from WEAM, which was a country music station at the time; remnants of a country music show or pilot follow Conover's material, and include a performance by the Bluegrass Valley Boys.
Date: 195u
Creator: Conover, Willis