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[Photograph of Laboratory Dance Band Performing at "Jazz Frolic"]

Description: Photograph of the North Texas State College Laboratory Dance Band performing on stage. Three rows of male performers are arranged on stage, with many of the men sitting and playing their brass instruments. Four trombonists stand in the back, and Gene Hall stands while playing saxophone on the lower left. Behind the men stands a metallic eagle statue, as well as a curtain that has been festooned with glittering letters that spell out "Jazz Frolic." In front of them are two microphone stands.
Date: 1952

[Photograph of Laboratory Dance Band Performing on Stage]

Description: Photograph of the 1952-1953 North Texas State College Laboratory Dance Band performing on a stage. On the left side of the photo, three rows of tuxedo-clad young men sit behind music desks and play their (primarily brass) instruments. The statue of an eagle can be seen above them, and sparkling letters that spell "rolic" can be seen above the statue. Downstage, three men huddle by two microphones singing together as the man in the middle plays a guitar.
Date: 1952

[Photograph of Laboratory Dance Band Performing on a Stage]

Description: Photograph of men in tuxedos playing a variety of instruments on a stage. Three rows of musicians play brass instruments, with saxophones in the first row, trombones in the second row, and trumpets in the third row. A drum set can be seen on stage to the left. The musicians perform in front of a curtained backdrop that has been festooned with large and sparkling letters, with the word "frolic" visible above their heads. "1952" has been printed on the photograph under the men. There are handwritten notes naming the performers written on the reverse side of the photo.
Date: 1952

[Stan Kenton and singer Jerri Winters]

Description: Photograph of Stan Kenton, singer Jerri Winters, and an unidentified man holding a key (possibly a key to the city); a third unidentified man is kneeling to the right of the photograph, handing the key to them. The group is standing in front of walls decorated in photographs. Between May 20-25, 1952.
Date: May 1952

[Stan Kenton with Officers]

Description: Photograph of Stan Kenton at the Civic Auditorium on Grove St. with two men, including Chief Warrant Officer Nathan A. [Cammack], leader of the Sixth Army Band in Presidio, San Francisco. Warrant Officer Jr. Grade Joseph H. [Trethewey] is standing to the left of Mr. Kenton.
Date: 1952
Creator: McDonald, PFC M.

[Stan Kenton with Benedict Gimbel, Jr. and Murray Arnold]

Description: Photograph of Stan Kenton with two other men shown, from left to right: Stan Kenton; Mr. Benedict Gimbel, Jr., president and general manager of WIP (radio station) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Mr. Murray Arnold, project director. Kenton and Arnold are seated at a table with Gimbel standing behind them; Arnold is presenting Kenton with a plaque for the First Annual Showmanship award in a contest arranged by WIP.
Date: May 1952
Creator: Schick, Jules

[Kenton Orchestra at Steel Pier]

Description: Photographs of Kenton Orchestra members at Steel Pier, Atlantic City. Proof sheet with 12 images includes: #79 Stan Levey, #82 Bill Holman, #83 Conte Candoli, #76 Maynard Ferguson, #78 in trumpets: Maynard Ferguson, Conte Candoli, Buddy Childers.
Date: 1952-07-25/1952-08-04