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Stan Kenton with unknown female fan

Description: Photograph of Stan Kenton with unknown female fan. He is holding onto a microphone stand and has his arm around the woman, who is wearing all black. An instrument and people are partially visible behind them.
Date: 1951~
Creator: Kemle, William

[Stan Kenton with Barry Ulanov]

Description: Photograph of Stan Kenton with Barry Ulanov (editor of Metronome magazine), seated on a couch at Carnegie Hall. Kenton is smoking a cigarette.
Date: April 9, 1950
Creator: Leonard, Herman

[Stan Kenton and company at the Schirmer opening]

Description: Photograph of Stan Kenton and six other men at the November 1946 Schirmer opening in Brooklyn, N.Y. They are standing around a water cooler, from left to right: Murray Boykin, Walter Rivere, Lou Ferrara, John Cooney, Stan Kenton, and Al Levine.
Date: 1946

[Kenton at record store with fans]

Description: Photograph of Stan Kenton at a record store surrounded by a large group of fans. Behind him, there are shelves full of records and displayed photographs.
Date: 1947~
Creator: Luce, Edwin B.

[Kenton band pictorial for Metronome Magazine]

Description: Pictorial date for Metronome magazine, taken at Cafe Rouge, Hotel Penn. in New York, NY. (The band was playing nightly nearby at the Paramount Theatre during this period).
Date: 1946-10~
Creator: Zinn, Arthur

[Stan Kenton at record store]

Description: Photograph of Stan Kenton selling record albums in a store. A group of people are gathered around his table and Kenton is standing in front of a wall of shelves full of albums.
Date: 1947~

[Kenton recording session of "New Concepts of Artistry in Rhythm"]

Description: Photograph of the recording session for "New Concepts of Artistry in Rhythm," done by Capitol Records in Chicago, IL. Pictured, from left to right are: Stan Kenton, unknown, Frank Rosolino, Don Bagley, and conductor Johnny Richards.
Date: September 8, 1952
Creator: Stevens, Dale

[Downbeat Award Ceremony]

Description: Photograph of the Progressive Jazz Orchestra at Downbeat Award ceremony. June Christy (with husband Bob Cooper) is presented the Downbeat Award by the magazine's West Coast editor Charles Emge. Center photos: Mexican singer Paco who also performed on this live KLAC telecast at the Hollywood Palladium.
Date: February 21, 1951

[Band Performing on Stage]

Description: Photograph of the North Texas State College Laboratory Dance Band performing on stage. They are wearing shirts and ties. From left to right are: a man playing a tuba; a man with his back to the camera playing a piano with its strings exposed; a clarinetist; a banjo player; and trumpeter; a trombonist; and a partially obscured drummer. Handwritten text beneath the photo says "Group simulating old style dixieland - opening number for concert in 1954-"
Date: 1954

[Photograph of Gene Hall and the Laboratory Dance Band Performing on Stage]

Description: Photograph of Gene Hall and the Laboratory Dance Band performing on a stage. The band is playing a variety of instruments on an inclined platform. Behind them rises a metallic statue of an eagle and a curtain bearing sparkly letters. The one clearly visible word on the curtain is "frolic."
Date: 1952

[Jazz Ensemble on Stage]

Description: Photograph of (from left to right): Frank Todd on string bass; Gene Hall on clarinet; Paul Guerrero on drums; Art Davis on trumpet; Phil Manning on tenor saxophone; and Bill Harrison holding a trombone.
Date: 195u
Creator: Don Brink Studios

[Photograph of Buddy DeFranco Performing with the Laboratory Dance Band]

Description: Photograph of Buddy DeFranco performing with the Laboratory Dance Band. He is wearing a dark suit and black rimmed glasses. DeFranco is playing a clarinet from behind a music stand with a microphone to the right. Behind him, seated band members sit behind desks while playing a variety of brass instruments.
Date: 1959
Creator: Porter, Bob

[Photograph of Laboratory Dance Band Performing on Stage]

Description: Photograph of the Laboratory Dance Band performing on a stage with raised platforms. Behind the stage is a crude drawing of a trombonist, a drummer, and a moose to the left. Five of the dark suited men stand at their music stands, with one man in the middle playing a clarinet while the two on either side of him play saxophones. A guitarist sits at the far left seat. Trombonists can be seen performing in the background to the right.
Date: 1954

Lab Band - 1952-53

Description: Photograph of the 1952-1953 North Texas State College Laboratory Dance Band. Their director, Gene Hall, stands on the left side of the photo and addresses the young men who are arranged around music stands and playing a variety of instruments. A wide curtain serves as a background. "1953" is handwritten on the bottom of the photograph. Further handwriting appears on the back of the picture notes that this is a photograph of the Lab Band taken on April 1, 1953, and then lists the people as they appear from left to right.
Date: April 1, 1953
Creator: North Texas State College. News Service.

[Arthur Godfrey and Gene Hall on The Talent Scout Show]

Description: Photographs of Arthur Godfrey and Gene Hall sitting together during NBC's "The Talent Scout Show" that have been attached to a sheet of white paper. The first five photos features the two middle aged men in dark suits, with Godfrey sitting to the left of the bespectacled Hall. Curtains are visible behind the two. A desk microphone sits between them. On the second page, below the two photos of Hall and Godfrey, there is a photo composed of four pictures. The the top two feature Godfrey and Hall again, while the bottom two feature George Mosse playing a clarinet (left) and George Mosse, Gene Murray playing a trumpet, and Phil Elliot playing a trombone. These three men are wearing striped black and white shirts.
Date: 1957

[Photograph of Jack Petersen Playing a Guitar]

Description: Photograph of Jack Petersen playing an electric guitar on a stage with other band members behind him. Petersen is wearing a light hued blazer and dark pants. To the left, a man in a slightly darker blazer plays a double bass while standing in front of a backdrop painted with the image of a haloed woman and an angel. Directly behidn Petersen, a seated man in a dark suit is partially obscured. To the right, a man in a greyish suit sits with his back turned to the camera while playing a piano. The rightmost person is wearing a plaid shirt while playing a xylophone. A man's turned head is at the bottom of the photo is obscured by a white note taped onto the photo. The note says, "Jack Petersen."
Date: 1955
Creator: Perrin Air Force Base

[Photograph of Laboratory Dance Band Performing on a Stage]

Description: Photograph of men in tuxedos playing a variety of instruments on a stage. Three rows of musicians play brass instruments, with saxophones in the first row, trombones in the second row, and trumpets in the third row. A drum set can be seen on stage to the left. The musicians perform in front of a curtained backdrop that has been festooned with large and sparkling letters, with the word "frolic" visible above their heads. "1952" has been printed on the photograph under the men. There are handwritten notes naming the performers written on the reverse side of the photo.
Date: 1952

[Pat McCracken Playing Jazz Harp]

Description: Photograph of the Laboratory Dance Band on stage with a young woman named Pat McCracken. McCracken stands to the left side of the photo. She is wearing a light hued dress and is standing in front of a pianist with her hands behind her back. To the right, a tall harp stands in front of a microphone. Further to the right, the elder Gene Hall stands wearing a grey suit and applauding. The rest of the band is seated in the background on a series of three increasingly elevated platforms. They are holding a variety of brass instruments and, in the case of one man at the left end of the topmost row, sitting at a drum set. A handwritten note under the image says "Pat McCracken - Jazz Harp - 1953."
Date: 1953
Creator: Don Brink Studios

[Uncut Photographs Featuring Ted Craeger, Chuck Suber, Marshall Brown, and Gene Hall]

Description: Photographs depicting multiple scenes that feature Ted Craeger, Chuck Suber, Marshall Brown, and Gene Hall. There photos are arranged in four columns and three rows. The first row is made up of three shots of two women in a dark room. One woman is in the background and largely obscured by darkness. The woman in the foreground has short hair, is wearing a floral print, and is reading a magazine. The second column has Gene Hall standing to the right among other men. The bottom photograph has Hall standing while other men sit at tables in a room with brick walls. The first picture of the third column is of four men standing together in a room. A man wearing glasses and holding a cigarette addresses the other three. The second photo of the third column features the same man talking to two other people in a dark room decorated with small chairs and tall curtains. The third photo is of a man in a white shirt addressing a dark room of boys holding instruments and sitting at desks with sheet music. The fourth column features three similar photos, wherein images are made over a young man's left shoulder as he blows into his instrument while the white shirted man from the previous pictures gesticulates.
Date: 195u