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[Uncut Photographs Featuring Ted Craeger, Chuck Suber, Marshall Brown, and Gene Hall]

Description: Photographs depicting multiple scenes that feature Ted Craeger, Chuck Suber, Marshall Brown, and Gene Hall. There photos are arranged in four columns and three rows. The first row is made up of three shots of two women in a dark room. One woman is in the background and largely obscured by darkness. The woman in the foreground has short hair, is wearing a floral print, and is reading a magazine. The second column has Gene Hall standing to the right among other men. The bottom photograph has Hall standing while other men sit at tables in a room with brick walls. The first picture of the third column is of four men standing together in a room. A man wearing glasses and holding a cigarette addresses the other three. The second photo of the third column features the same man talking to two other people in a dark room decorated with small chairs and tall curtains. The third photo is of a man in a white shirt addressing a dark room of boys holding instruments and sitting at desks with sheet music. The fourth column features three similar photos, wherein images are made over a young man's left shoulder as he blows into his instrument while the white shirted man from the previous pictures gesticulates.
Date: 195u

[Photograph of the Laboratory Dance Band Performing with Buddy DeFranco]

Description: Photographs of Buddy DeFranco performing with the Laboratory Dance Band. In the first photo, the dark suited DeFranco stands in the background holding a clarinet while two seated male saxophonists play in front of him. In the upper left corner of the photograph, a shadowy man in black stands peering over an unidentified white object. The foreground is largely filled with a closeup of a trombone being extended with a right hand. The second photo features DeFranco in the upper left. He is holding a clarinet in his left hand while conducting the band. In the foreground is an over the shoulder view of a bespectacled trombone player and his music stand.
Date: 195u
Creator: Porter, Bob

[Photograph of Laboratory Dance Band Performing Toward the Camera]

Description: Photograph of the Laboratory Dance Band playing their instruments while facing upward toward their left sides. Most of dark suited young men are looking directly at the camera lens. Most are sitting in folding chairs behind desks covered in layers of sheet music. Three pianos can be seen arranged in an "L" shape along the top right corner, curved around the platform that the performers are seated upon. The older Gene Hall Stands off to the upper left of the photo, wearing a greyish suit and glasses.
Date: 1955

[Photograph of Laboratory Dance Band Performing with a Harpist]

Description: Photograph of the Laboratory Dance Band performing on stage with a woman named Pat McCracken playing a harp. McCracken occupies the lower center portion of the photo. She is wearing a light hued dress and is sitting down behind a microphone. Her hands are mid-glide over the harp's strings. To her left, one of the many tuxedo-clad men plays a double bass. To the left of this man, another man sits with his back to the camera and plays a piano. The rest of the band is seated on a series of three increasingly elevated platforms. They are holding a variety of brass instruments and, in the case of one man at the left end of the topmost row, playing at a drum set.
Date: 1953

[Photograph of Gene Hall Interview with WFAA-TV Channel 8]

Description: Photograph of Gene Hall being interviewed by a younger man while a WFAA-TV Channel 8 camera is focused on them. Hall stands in front of a stool to the left while facing the camera. He is wearing a dark suit and glasses. His hands are folded in front of him. A younger man in a lighter suit faces Hall from the middle of the photo with his arms crossed over his chest. To the lower right stands a boxy film camera with the words "WFAA-TV" and "channel 8" stenciled on its side in white lettering.
Date: 195u

[Toscanini and Gillis]

Description: Photograph of three men identified as Don Gillis (far right), Arturo Toscanini (middle) and an unidentified man on the far left. Gillis is wearing a light-colored suit and the other two men are wearing dark clothing. There appear to be music stands organized behind them.
Date: unknown