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An even game

Description: Recording of Jarmo Sermilä's An even game. Most people consider sports to be the antithesis of art. Sermilä argues that this is not always the case since the world of sports offers many pairs of opposites which appear in all areas of life, including art: for example, team-work vs. individualism, violence vs. sportsmanship, spontaneity vs. organization, etc. "An Even Game" is an imaginary team sport in which these characteristics are brought out - reduced, however, to musical terms. Two teams clash to the frantic reaction of the fans. Since this is an international match, national anthems are also included. In keeping with the artificial democracy of today's world, the match ends in a draw - an even game - and this may explain the program's tedious repetition of itself. Sermilä uses men's choruses for the two teams, a women's chorus for rhythmical cheering, percussion instruments and general acoustic material from ice hockey and tennis matches. Two Finnish provincial anthems have been used in place of national anthems.
Date: unknown
Creator: Sermilä, Jarmo, 1939-

Hommage à...

Description: Recording of Gerhard Sporken's "Hommage à..." a tape piece. Includes piano sounds, extracted from a Beethoven sonata partially transformed by processes of frequency modulation, variation of dynamic curves, harmonics, etc.
Date: 198u
Creator: Sporken, Gerhard