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Description: Recording of Rudolf Ružička's Gurges. The composer calls this piece a "space matrix composition." It was created on the strength of promulgation of international trial electronic and concrete composition "Musica nova." It was composed in Pilsener Electronic Laboratory in November 1969 .
Date: 1969
Creator: Ružička, Rudolf (composer)

Hydrophonie I

Description: Recording of Werner Kaegi's Hydeophonie I for 4-track tape. It was composed and realized in 1969 in the studios of the Institute of Sonology in Utrecht (Holland). The piece is based on the possibilities offered by a generator with a variable function which, at the time, preceded the digital computer. Kaegi's work is based on programmed and descriptive structures. All the musical material was generated in a purely synthetic way, all resembling the "reality" having come only from the musical structures.
Date: 1969
Creator: Kaegi, Werner


Description: Recording of Coriún Aharonián's Que, spoken text performed by Armando Halty. All of the sound material, besides the spoken text, is electronically generated sounds. It was composed between July and October 1969 and was realized in the Laboratorio de Moesica Electronica of the Centro Latinoamericano de Altos Estudios Musicales of the Instituto Torcuato Di Tella in Buenos Aires.
Date: 1969
Creator: Aharonián, Coriún, 1940-