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Nat "King" Cole Trio with Willis Conover

Description: Willis Conover presents Nat "King" Cole and his trio in a special message broadcast to his sister, Elizabeth, on the occasion of her wedding.
Date: October 9, 1946
Creator: Conover, Willis
Item Type: Sound

Willis Conover at the microphone

Description: Photograph of Willis Conover at a microphone at radio station WWDC, Washington, D.C., holding a cigarette in one hand, and the May 1949 issue of Metronome magazine in the other. Fran Warren is on the cover of the magazine.
Date: 1949
Item Type: Photograph

Willis Conover: American Jazz #1

Description: The second part of a broadcast which featured Willis Conover discussing the music of Duke Ellington, followed by a translation in Swedish by an unknown speaker. This program occurred more than five years before the beginning of Conover's long-running VOA program, Music USA.
Date: August 23, 1949
Creator: Conover, Willis
Item Type: Sound