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Eso silencios

Description: Recording of Coriún Aharonián's "Esos silencios" ("Those silences"). "Esos silencios" are the silences of our daily vital experience of the seventies in almost all Latin America. "We do not desire them, but they surround us always, until we finally succeed in breaking them," Aharonián wrote. It exclusively uses materials of microphonic origin. Some of the sounds have been made with instruments constructed in Guatemala by Joaqu’n Orellana. The decision to bring to life the piece at that historic moment was convergent with the emotional experience that the pricking edges of the delicate drawings by the Argentinian-Uruguayan Mar’a Carmen Portela and the gagged yell of the dramatic paintings by the Uruguayan Hilda Lopez. In Esos silencios there is a will to establish large, apparently static, areas, with latent tensions, in a structure of full hard edges, almost without the concession of transitions.The piece was originally composed in 1978 and was revised in 1981. It was realized in Elac, the studio of Montevideo. The materials of departure have been produced by the author
Date: 1981
Creator: Aharonián, Coriún, 1940-

What if...

Description: Recording of Kristi Allik's "What if...". The title refers to the composer's most common thought during the creation of the composition; the work was the result of constant questioning and exploration, mainly in the area of timbral synthesis and sound juxtaposition.
Date: 1983
Creator: Allik, Kristi

L'approche de la lumière

Description: Recording of Daniel Arfib's L'approche de la lumière ("The Approach of the Light"). The piece functions as much as a sound experiment on the resonance of the vibrations as of sound as a concert piece. For the entire listening experience, pay particular attention to the quality of the silence before and after the performance.
Date: 1980
Creator: Arfib, Daniel

Inspiravit aeolus

Description: Recording of Pierre Barbaud's Inspiravit Aeolus. During the months of July - August 1979, Barbaud did his holiday homework on the island of Panarea, which is part of the eight Aeolian Islands in southern Italy. The title refers to the character Aeolus from Homer's Odyssey who is the Keeper of the Winds. In the hours of siesta, he blows with great gentleness on the bougainvillea; this is the inspiration for all of the algorithms in the piece. After returning to Paris, Barbaud asked Frank Brown and Geneviève Klein to provide the sound sampling program in data that did not provoke violent attacks. A poor telephone transmission during a first experiment, was the cause of a crash that did not lack beauty. The following communications were normal, and everything from those transmissions were kept in the piece.
Date: 1980
Creator: Barbaud, Pierre

A pocketful of posies

Description: Recording of Jonathan Berger's "A pocketful of posies." The title refers to the Black Death of the 14th century, a time when people dealt with impending doom in much the same way as people do today. It was premiered at Stanford University in March 1984.
Date: 1984
Creator: Berger, Jonathan, 1954-