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A Method of Singing

Description: From Novello's Music Primers and Educational Series, a method intended to "explain ... the simple laws of sound and their bearing upon the technique of singing," according to the author's introduction.
Date: 1884
Creator: Stockhausen, Julius, 1826-1906

Grundsätze des Generalbasses als erste Linien zur Composition; Allgemeinfasslicher Unterricht im Generalbass: mit Rücksicht auf den jetzt herrschenden Geschmack in der Komposition, durch treffende Beispiele erläutert

Description: Two separate works bound together. The Kirnberger work includes 3 Abtheilungen, paged separately, containing musical examples. The 2nd and 3rd Abtheilungen are bound in reverse order.
Date: 178u
Creator: Kirnberger, Johann Philipp, 1721-1783 & Vierling, Johann Gottfried, 1750-1813

La fileuse: parodie d'Omphale

Description: "A parody in one act on André Cardinal Destouches' opera, Omphale."
Date: unknown
Creator: Vadé, M.(Jean Joseph), 1719-1757

Miniatures for Organ, Op. 8

Description: Five compositions for solo organ in A-flat major, D major, D-flat major, E-flat major, and A minor.
Date: 1931
Creator: Johnson, Merritt

Oeuvres de J. Haydn, Cahier IX contenant XXXIII Airs et Chansons

Description: Though the cover of this volume is in French, the title page gives the same information in German. This latter language also receives pride of place in the text underlay: Most songs are solely in German but, when lyrics are given in two languages, German is immediately below the musical staves with either Italian or French in italics below the German. Songs use one to three voices with the voice part sometimes integrated into the top staff of the piano part with text underlay indicating when to sing. Several songs are set for three-part Männerchor or four-part chorus with piano accompaniment. In strophic settings, only the first stanza of poetry appears in the score; the rest are included as addenda at the end of the piece. The volume concludes with a table of contents given the name and first line of each song in all languages used for each entry.
Date: 1799
Creator: Haydn, Joseph (1732-1809)

Suite for Piano

Description: Six compositions for solo piano.
Date: 1970
Creator: Johnson, Merritt