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Iterum Meditemur

Description: Recording of Mayako Kubo's Iterum Meditemur for trombone and tape. The tape was produced in the electronic music studio of the Hochschule für Musik in Wien. Included in the sounds of the tape are wind chimes, bells, and human voice which reads reports from a newspaper printed in 1941 in Columbus, Ohio USA. The text for the trombone player is from the Japanese author Kazumi Takahaschi, partially altered by the composer It was composed from September to November 1978 in Vienna.
Date: 1978
Creator: Kubo, Mayako


Description: Recording of Alden Jenks's Nagasaki made in the electronic music studio of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Both electronic and non-electronic sounds were used (of the latter the human voice and music of the Japanese court, "gagaku", figure prominently). The human voice appears to be electronically generated, or electronic sounds appear to be gagaku instruments, singing voices, or a percussion ensemble. The words used are those of Fujio Tsujimoto at the age of five, of Nagasaki; on the tape they are spoken by the Japanese violinist Mayumi Ohira.
Date: 1982-03/1983-03
Creator: Jenks, Alden, 1940-