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[Toscanini and Gillis]

Description: Photograph of three men identified as Don Gillis (far right), Arturo Toscanini (middle) and an unidentified man on the far left. Gillis is wearing a light-colored suit and the other two men are wearing dark clothing. There appear to be music stands organized behind them.
Date: unknown

Messa à 4

Description: This a manuscript copy of two Mass movements, Kyrie and Gloria, gathered from a "Messa à 4." The copyist, Vincenso Marchetti, attributed this mass to the composer Matteo Bisso. The texts of both movements of the Mass are divided in several sections and set musically for an ensemble of mixed choir (S.A.T.B), vocal soloists, strings and basso continuo. Each section reflects changes of tonality, tempo, and musical meter. The composer indicated dynamics, the use of muted strings (e.g., p.[84]) and performance indications such as unison and col parte (e.g., p. [76] and p.[79]). The last section for the Chirie [sic] is set musically as a slow fugue in triple meter.
Date: unknown
Creator: Bisso, Matteo, 1705-1776

[Ray McKinley Band with Jim Maxwell]

Description: Photograph of Ray McKinley (left) presenting Jim Maxwell with a piece of paper and offering to shake his hand. Band members in the background hold their instruments while applauding and smiling in their direction. A handwritten note at the bottom of the photo says: "Jim Maxwell, formerly with the N.T. Jazz program, joins the Ray McKinley Band and on their appearance at T.W.U. Ray McKinley surprises Jim by presenting him with his Masters degree."
Date: Autumn 1956

[Jimmy Giuffre Performing with Band]

Description: Photographs of Gene Hall and the Laboratory Dance Band on stage with Jimmy Giuffre. In the top photo, Giuffre plays a clarinet on the far left of the photo. Gene Hall holds sheet music and stands to the right with his back to Giuffre. The band is sitting behind these two men and playing various instruments. Handwritten text beneath the photos says "Jimmy Giuffra [sic] - Guest Soloist - 1956."
Date: 1956

[Band Performing on Stage]

Description: Photograph of the North Texas State College Laboratory Dance Band performing on stage. They are wearing shirts and ties. From left to right are: a man playing a tuba; a man with his back to the camera playing a piano with its strings exposed; a clarinetist; a banjo player; and trumpeter; a trombonist; and a partially obscured drummer. Handwritten text beneath the photo says "Group simulating old style dixieland - opening number for concert in 1954-"
Date: 1954

[Photograph of Laboratory Dance Band Performing on Stage]

Description: Photograph of the Laboratory Dance Band performing on a stage with raised platforms. Behind the stage is a crude drawing of a trombonist, a drummer, and a moose to the left. Five of the dark suited men stand at their music stands, with one man in the middle playing a clarinet while the two on either side of him play saxophones. A guitarist sits at the far left seat. Trombonists can be seen performing in the background to the right.
Date: 1954

Lab Band - 1952-53

Description: Photograph of the 1952-1953 North Texas State College Laboratory Dance Band. Their director, Gene Hall, stands on the left side of the photo and addresses the young men who are arranged around music stands and playing a variety of instruments. A wide curtain serves as a background. "1953" is handwritten on the bottom of the photograph. Further handwriting appears on the back of the picture notes that this is a photograph of the Lab Band taken on April 1, 1953, and then lists the people as they appear from left to right.
Date: April 1, 1953
Creator: North Texas State College. News Service.

[Arthur Godfrey and Gene Hall on The Talent Scout Show]

Description: Photographs of Arthur Godfrey and Gene Hall sitting together during NBC's "The Talent Scout Show" that have been attached to a sheet of white paper. The first five photos features the two middle aged men in dark suits, with Godfrey sitting to the left of the bespectacled Hall. Curtains are visible behind the two. A desk microphone sits between them. On the second page, below the two photos of Hall and Godfrey, there is a photo composed of four pictures. The the top two feature Godfrey and Hall again, while the bottom two feature George Mosse playing a clarinet (left) and George Mosse, Gene Murray playing a trumpet, and Phil Elliot playing a trombone. These three men are wearing striped black and white shirts.
Date: 1957