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Stan Kenton on the road

Description: Photograph proof sheet of twelve images showing Stan Kenton on the road. The four images in the left column show Kenton and two other men loading suitcases and garment bags in the trunk of a car which is parked on a street in front of several buildings. The center column shows Kenton inside a gas station and outside watching the car get refilled; in the lower photographs, he is also speaking with an unidentified man and talking on a phone. The right column show Kenton and an unidentified man at a radio station next to a large microphone at the top, two images of Kenton and a group of people outside of a house, and Kenton driving a car at the bottom.
Date: unknown

[Stan Kenton Shaking Hands]

Description: Photograph of Stan Kenton shaking hands with two unidentified men. The three men are standing in front of an ornately decorated wall and the man on the right is holding a cigarette and pieces of paper in his free hand.
Date: unknown
Creator: Reni Newsphoto Service

[Stan Kenton signing autographs]

Description: Photograph of Stan Kenton, surrounded by a small group of children and adults, signing autographs. He is seated at a desk and there is a blackboard with music staffs behind them. Crossed out on the back of the photograph: photo by Jim Sloan; Kenton clinic, U. of Redlands, 1966.
Date: 1966
Creator: Sloan, Jim

[Stan Kenton with Benedict Gimbel, Jr. and Murray Arnold]

Description: Photograph of Stan Kenton with two other men shown, from left to right: Stan Kenton; Mr. Benedict Gimbel, Jr., president and general manager of WIP (radio station) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Mr. Murray Arnold, project director. Kenton and Arnold are seated at a table with Gimbel standing behind them; Arnold is presenting Kenton with a plaque for the First Annual Showmanship award in a contest arranged by WIP.
Date: May 1952
Creator: Schick, Jules

[Stan Kenton with Benny Carter]

Description: This sheet contains four square photographs. The upper photographs show Stan Kenton with a man at a piano (left) and sitting at a table with another man looking at paperwork (right); one of the men is composer and musician Benny Carter. The bottom phtographs show what appears to be a road in the country (left) and Stan Kenton with a pencil in his mouth, composing music at a piano (right). There is also a partially obscured photograph of an unidentified woman at the top of the sheet.
Date: 1940~