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[Kenton at Hudson's Eastland]
Photograph of Stan Kenton at Hudson's Eastland in Harper Woods, MI. Pictured from left to right are: Mr. Fleming, Mary Fisher, Stan Kenton, John Lewis, Tom Gelardi, and Art Hill.
Stan Kenton addressing audience
Photograph of Stan Kenton addressing an audience. He is standing at the head of the room, in front of screens and potted plants. In the foreground, an audience is seated in rows, watching Kenton.
[Stan Kenton and Don Ellis]
Photograph of Stan Kenton and Don Ellis, Capitol Records representative, at Eastland Center Music during a 1962 tour in Harper Woods, Michigan. The two men are standing in front of a glass display window full of Kenton's albums.
[Stan Kenton and Jazz Clinic Students]
Large group photograph of Stan Kenton, staff, and students at the first jazz clinic at Redlands University, CA.
[Stan Kenton at Sandia AFB]
Photograph of Stan Kenton standing next to Georgi Edwards (Miss New Mexico) and Jimmy Paul from station KOB (NBC) Albuquerque. The three are posing together behind a microphone on a stand; Miss Edwards is holding a large bouquet of flowers. Behind them, men holding instruments are sitting in rows. The photograph was most likely taken at the Officer's Club at Sandia A.F.B. in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
[Stan Kenton signing autographs]
Photograph of Stan Kenton, surrounded by a small group of children and adults, signing autographs. He is seated at a desk and there is a blackboard with music staffs behind them. Crossed out on the back of the photograph: photo by Jim Sloan; Kenton clinic, U. of Redlands, 1966.