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3 for 5

Description: Recording of Richard Zvonar's 3 for 5 for percussion, performed by Daryl Pratt. The piece is divided into three movements, with a different set of instruments for each. These are set up in three locations, which form an arc left to right across the performance area. Four playback speakers are situated beside and between the three playing locations. The tape sounds are entirely derived from recorded sounds of the percussion instruments. Throughout the piece, the live and recorded sounds continuously diverge as the piece progresses until at the end, the original sounds have been greatly expanded and enriched through speed transposition, mixing, filtering, etc.
Date: 1979
Creator: Zvonar, Richard


Description: Recording of Sten Hanson's 96. "According to Amnesty International, there are 96 countries in the world that have political prisoners. In most of these countries, there is clearly physical or mental torture that is punishable by law and unlawful killings." Sound material includes sounds of doors shutting, locks locking, bells, ringing, etc.
Date: 1980
Creator: Hanson, Sten, 1936-2013

950 for Bob

Description: Recording of Terry Setter's 950 for Bob. He describes this style of composition as "focusless music," which is structured in such a way that the listener always hears an undifferentiated sound continuum, making the smallest changes noticeable. The title refers to the length of the piece (950 seconds) and to Robert Ericksson, to whom the piece is dedicated.
Date: 1980
Creator: Setter, Terry


Description: Recording of Raoul de Smet's Adagio. For this work the composer had proposed harmony and relaxation "before anything else.” From there, a slow and steady tempo and very simple form. The sound material is provided by twelve ordinary sound generators. The work begins with a chord in the treble, slowly emerging from the silence or void sound and sustained by a regular pulsation in the bass, the result of differential sounds. Then several new sounds are added while others change timbre, octave, or dynamics causing different sounds of other types. During a slow rise in crescendo, short glissandi roam and decorate the sound space until the climax is reached. A sound column, containing twelve frequencies, comes to rest for about a minute, allowing the ear to move in the audience and thus capture the sound shimmer. This passage is the opposite of the sound of nothingness and could thus appear as a sound universe where one could also lose the notion of time. A brutal blow breaks this sound column like a spring too long stretched. This universe collapses slowly to retreat into the depths of the sound nothingness from which it came. The work was realized on an analogue support at the IPEM in Ghent in 1975.
Date: 1975
Creator: De Smet, Raoul


Description: Recording of Jukka Ruohomäki's Adjö. Sound material is all electronic sounds from the animation picture "Electric Bird Garden" (1974, manuscript by Marja Vesterinen, directed by Antti Kari). The piece was premiered at Young Nordic Music Festival (UNM) in the Temppelinaukio Church in Helsinki on 28 February 1975.
Date: 1974/1975
Creator: Ruohomäki, Jukka

All for One

Description: Recording of Scott Wyatt's "All for One" for solo percussion with electro-acoustic music performed by Thomas Siwe, percussionist. The piece was composed for a unique arrangement of percussion instruments and loudspeakers within the performance area, creating a large sound sculpture. "All for One" was written for and dedicated to percussionist Tom Siwe. It was awarded the 1984 CIME grand prize at the 12th International Electroacoustic Music Competition in Bourges, France.
Date: 1979
Creator: Wyatt, Scott A.


Description: Recording of Richard Orton's Ambience. Ambience for solo bass trombone and tape was written for the American Trombonist James Fulkerson and first performed by him in the Wigmore Hall, London, on 17 May 1975. He has since included the work in many recitals during his tours in Scandinavia, Canada and the USA. The title "Ambience" here refers to the imaginative sonic environment surrounding the sounds of the trombone, including the most "artificial," synthesized sounds, instrumental ensembles which incorporate the trombone, and environmental recordings including public sounds we will recognize and share. Within this sonic environment the trombone at times asserts itself, at times merges most imperceptibly, and eventually complements it and achieves a harmonic and dynamic balance.
Date: 1975
Creator: Orton, Richard, 1940-2013


Description: Recording of Jean Piché's Ange for tape or radio performance. It is a timbral work in which the main goal is the total acoustic mixing of natural and synthetic sound material. In addition to the synthetic sounds that are created through a digital synthesizer, four voices - two men, two women - are introduced in the final mix and are hardly distinguishable from the synthetic sounds.
Date: 1979
Creator: Piché, Jean

L'approche de la lumière

Description: Recording of Daniel Arfib's L'approche de la lumière ("The Approach of the Light"). The piece functions as much as a sound experiment on the resonance of the vibrations as of sound as a concert piece. For the entire listening experience, pay particular attention to the quality of the silence before and after the performance.
Date: 1980
Creator: Arfib, Daniel

Are we?

Description: Recording of Þorsteinn Hauksson's Are we? performed by Ensemble Intercontemporain under the direction of Fabrice Pierre. The piece if for two trumpets, two trombones, two percussionists, and tape. The message of the piece of music is unstated by the composer, but he says "music of the Muses can express it in a much clearer way" than spoken or written words.
Date: 1981
Creator: Þorsteinn Hauksson