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[Gordon Knox Presents Script to Sponsors]

Description: Photograph taken at the Princeton Film Center at its original location in New Jersey. Original caption: "Reviewing the script for the proposed television film series to be released in 1954 by Television Producers, Inc. in cooperation with U.S. Marine Corps. / (left to right) Henry Olmsted, Martin Jones, General Lemuel C. Shepard, Jr., Commandant, U.S. Marine Corps, Gordon Knox."
Date: unknown

[Ham Holton and Visitor Rest Outside]

Description: Photograph taken at the Princeton Film Center in New Jersey, around the time that the original building first opened. In this photo, "Sure beats working!!" is written on the sole of Ham Holton's shoe, and the badge worn by the other man reads, "Central Engineering and Shop Areas Visitor's Pass".
Date: unknown

Materials Handling

Description: This film discusses how the development of bigger and better machinery over the years has improved work efficiency, especially in fields that involve moving materials and building structures.
Date: unknown

Men Bet Their Lives On It

Description: Film focusing on Packard engines, the Packard company, Packard engine production, and Packard's contributions to the war effort in the 1940s are the focus of this program.
Date: unknown
Creator: Knox, Gordon; Elwyn, Robert & Winsten, Archer