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The Building of a Tire

Description: This film shows the process involved in the making of Firestone tires (in the 1940s). This film contains some animated sequences.
Date: 1945
Creator: The Walt Disney Company
Item Type: Video

[Custom Bus] and [Sound System]

Description: Two photographs taken of the Princeton Film Center custom vehicles and crew. From a page in the album of photos taken while the crew filmed the series, Venezuela on the March.
Date: 1948~
Item Type: Photograph

[Dock with Ship] and [Landscape with Water and Mountains]

Description: Two photographs taken during the time that the Princeton Film Center crew was in Venezuela to film the series, Venezuela on the March. In the first photograph, there is a long dock traversed by people and cars, and a harbored ship with the letters "...NA MONICA" visible at the left edge of the frame.
Date: 1948~
Item Type: Photograph