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Description: Film overview of the history and services offered by the American Kennel Club.
Date: 1953
Duration: 23 minutes 40 seconds
Creator: Elwyn, Robert; Knox, Gordon; Beck, Sherman & Kannon, John
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The Active Peacetime Service

Description: This film shows the many ways that the U.S. Coast Guard serves its country. Viewers learn that, among other duties, the U.S. Coast Guard regularly monitors the weather, warns ships of nearby icebergs, and patrols inland waterways.
Date: unknown
Duration: 25 minutes 35 seconds
Creator: Knox, Gordon
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An Album of Christmas Carols

Description: This film features the Columbus Boychoir performing Christmas carols off of their album, "Columbus Boychoir Christmas Carols."
Date: unknown
Duration: 13 minutes 41 seconds
Creator: Smith, Paul Lincoln & Bryant, Donald T.
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An American Museum

Description: A film about the City Art Museum of Saint Louis. It includes information on the roles of museum staff, including the duties of the curator. The film provides examples of how artifacts are examined for authenticity, techniques for display and information on traveling exhibits.
Date: 1954
Duration: 24 minutes 20 seconds
Creator: Guggenheim, Charles & Torno, Laurant
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Anesthesia for Operative Procedures of Short Duration, for Induction Prior to Ether and to Complement Nitrous Oxide-Oxygen

Description: "This film has been prepared as an aid to the physician in obtaining a more complete understanding of the procedures, the limitations, and the advantages of Vinethene anesthesia" - from film.
Date: unknown
Duration: 21 minutes 05 seconds
Creator: Knox, Gordon; Elwyn, Robert; Gray, Hugh & Snow, William
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Description: "This story is based upon the actual classroom experiences of Thomas J. Shelly, teacher of Economics and History in the Yonkers High School, Yonkers, New York. The American Economic Foundation is happy to present this example of how common sense combats economic fallacies" - from film.
Date: unknown
Duration: 15 minutes 23 seconds
Creator: Knox, Gordon; Elwyn, Robert & Lyon, Sumner
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The Banshee

Description: A film about the McDonnell Aircraft Corporation's "twin-jet carrier-based" fighter plane known as The Banshee.
Date: unknown
Duration: 14 minutes 34 seconds
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Building America

Description: Film on US infrastructure development, with topics including homes of the future, the role of lumber dealers in home building, the importance of home maintenance, and the importance of urban development. This film includes animated sequences.
Date: unknown
Duration: 25 minutes 36 seconds
Creator: Price, Sherman
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The Building of a Tire

Description: This film shows the process involved in the making of Firestone tires (in the 1940s). This film contains some animated sequences.
Date: 1945
Duration: 25 minutes 22 seconds
Creator: The Walt Disney Company
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