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Effects of Entrainment by the Indian Point Power Plant on Biota in the Hudson River Estuary, 1973

Description: "This report summarizes the progress of studies conducted in 1973 to determine the effects on Hudson River organisms of entrainment by the Indian Point nuclear power station" with emphasis "on the potential effects of entrainment on organisms passing through the plant's condenser cooling system" (p. xxi).
Date: September 1974
Creator: New York University. Medical Center. Institute of Environmental Medicine.

An Evaluation of the Environmental Impact of Recreation Facilities Expansion at Lake Ray Roberts State Park, Isle du Bois and Johnson Branch Units

Description: This report "presents the results and recommendations of a two month investigation conducted at Lake Ray Roberts State Park," as "part of the ongoing effort of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to manage and conserve the natural resources of the state and provide...enjoyable recreation areas to the citizens of Texas." The study proposes the expansion of the Isle du Bois and Johnson Branch Units of the Lake Ray Roberts State Park to accommodate the surrounding counties' population growth (p. 6).
Date: unknown
Creator: Texas. Parks and Wildlife Department.

Excavations at the Quince Site (34AT134) Atoka County, Oklahoma

Description: This volume presents findings from an excavation at the Quince Site of McGee Creek Reservoir project area. Excavations at the Quince Site disclosed deep alluvial deposits with several occupations throughout the Holocene Period. The site contains a well-preserved culturally stratified deposit dating from Paleoindian to Woodland Indian periods.
Date: 1994
Creator: Perttula, Timothy K.

Pre-impoundment Environmental Study of Ray Roberts Lake

Description: "This report presents the results of the pre-impoundment investigations" of Ray Roberts Lake. The purpose of the study is "to improve understanding of the impact of [U.S. Army Corps of Engineers] water resource projects, to provide the basis for evaluating the projects' effects on fish and wildlife resources, and to provide the opportunity for better planning and development of water resource projects and natural resource management" in the Lake Ray Roberts area, located in Denton County, Texas (p. 3).
Date: December 1987
Creator: University of North Texas. Institute of Applied Sciences.

Quantitative Analysis of Water and Biological Samples for Determination of Haleogenated Organics in the Upper Trinity River, Texas : Final Technical Report

Description: This study had three objectives: 1) to develop a method for the quantitative determination of total organic bound chlorine in water and biological samples using Source-Excited X-Ray Fluorescence, 2) to provide training in the use of analytical techniques for students from different disciplines, and 3) to use an interdisciplinary approach involving students of biology, chemistry, and physics to investigate a complex environmental problem. Only the first objective is treated in detail in this volume.
Date: 1976
Creator: Johnson, David E.