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Effects of Recharge from Drainage Wells on Quality of Water in the Floridan Aquifer in the Orlando Area, Central Florida

Description: From purpose and content: The purpose of this report is to: (1) describe the general quality of ground water found in the injection zones (permeable strata that accept water) of drainage wells; (2) assess the impact of drainage wells on the water quality of supply wells, particularly public-supply; and (3) establish a data base necessary for future studies.
Date: 1983
Creator: Schiner, George R. & German, Edward R.

Egmont Key: Water Resources

Description: Map showing hydrologic resources (point source discharges, tide stations, sediment, tidal currents, etc.) in the Egmont Key region of the Tampa Bay, Florida coastline area. Scale 1:24,000.
Date: 1984
Creator: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
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Evaluation of a Proposed Connector Well, Northeastern DeSoto County, Florida

Description: Abstract: At a 24,000-acre citrus grove, a connector well is proposed as a resource management tool for capturing water normally lost through evapotranspiration and by excess runoff. Such a well would connect the surficial sand aquifer with the deep, highly transmissive limestone Floridan Aquifer. Because of natural head differences, water would move by gravity flow from the sand into the Floridan Aquifer, thus replenishing water withdrawn for irrigation from the Floridan Aquifer. A 70-acre marsh was selected as the test site based on analyses of hydraulic conductivity, porosity, and water quality. Recharge rate through the connector well under steady-state conditions is estimated at 160 gallons per minute. The proposed connector well is designed to have 10-inch screens opposite zones in the 45-foot thick sand aquifer, be cased for 400 feet opposite confining beds and a secondary limestone aquifer, and be open hole for about 250 feet in the Floridan Aquifer. A graded-sand filter pack placed around the screened sections of the well will increase its efficiency.
Date: February 1974
Creator: Hutchinson, C. B. & Wilson, William E.

Experimental Study of Artificial Recharge Alternatives in Northwest Hillsborough County, Florida

Description: Abstract: Extensive water withdrawal from Floridian aquifer in the urban Tampa Bay area has induced leakage from the overlying surficial aquifer adversely effecting the water table and lake levels. Artificial recharge could reduce the impact of these adverse effects. Four experiments were conducted to investigate possible recharge alternatives; sinkhole recharge, water-spreading, connector wells, and subsurface-tile drainage to a deep well. Experiments indicate that all four methods can be effective. However, the sinkhole recharge experiment moved the greatest potential for draining the surficial aquifer. Combinations of the four methods could be used where potential exists for downward movement of water and sufficient unsaturated aquifer for water storage.
Date: May 1977
Creator: Sinclair, William C.

Fort Pierce, Florida

Description: Map showing biological resources (aquatic organisms, terrestrial organisms, land use, etc.) in the Fort Pierce region of the Atlantic coast area. Scale 1:250,000.
Date: 1980
Creator: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
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