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Primary view of Don't let him stick his nose in your business.
Nolan, Jack.
Primary view of Don't let that shadow touch them : buy war bonds.
Smith, Lawrence Beall, 1909-
Primary view of Don't let this happen to you! : too little, too late : order coal now!
Fitzpatrick, Daniel Robert, 1891-1969.
Primary view of Draagt bij voor de motoriseering van Stads- en Landwachten.
Central Comité Stads- en Landwachten.
unknown creation date
Primary view of During this emergency, serve your country in the U.S. Naval Reserve.
United States. Navy Dept. Bureau of Navigation.
Primary view of Eat more corn, oats and rye products-- ... : eat less wheat, meat, sugar and fats, to save for the Army and our allies.
Britton, L. N.
Primary view of Eat the Basic 7-- every day! : eat a lunch that packs a punch!
United States. War Food Administration.
Primary view of He eats a ton a year : your farm can help.
United States. Dept. of Agriculture. War Boards.
Primary view of L'Emprunt de la Libération.
Faivre, Abel, 1867-1945.
unknown creation date
Primary view of Emprunt de la Libération : on les a : souscrivez à la London County & Westminster Bank (Paris) Ltd.
Bouisset, Firmin.
Primary view of Enemy ears are listening.
Iligan, Ralph, 1893-1960.
Primary view of The enemy is listening : he wants to know what you know : keep it to yourself.
United States. Office of Facts and Figures.
Primary view of Enlist in a proud profession! : join the U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps.
Edmundson, Carolyn Moorhead, 1906-
Primary view of Enlist in a proud profession-- : join the U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps : a lifetime education free! for high school graduates who qualify.
United States. Federal Security Agency.
Primary view of O'er the ramparts we watch : United States Army Air Forces.
Schlaikjer, Jes Wilhelm, 1897-1982
Primary view of Every child needs a good school lunch : the War Food Administration will help your community start a school lunch program.
Primary view of "Every man woman and child is a partner"
United States. War Production Board.
Primary view of Every rivet a bullet : speed the ships.
unknown creation date
Primary view of "Every rivet we drive -- every bolt we turn -- every ounce we sweat, brings victory a little closer. Breaking production records is the American way of doing things!" : produce for victory!
Shafer, Paul.
Primary view of The famous British "Spitfires" flying in formation. Each machine can fire at the rate of over 6,000 cannon and machine gun bullets per minute.
Gardner, James, 1907-1995.
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Primary view of Feed a fighter : eat only what you need-- waste nothing-- that he and his family may have enough.
Morgan, Wallace.
Primary view of Fight, let's go! : join the Navy.
Barclay, McClelland.
Primary view of Fight or buy bonds : Third Liberty Loan.
Christy, Howard Chandler, 1873-1952.
Primary view of Fight world famine : enroll in the Boys' Working Reserve.
United States Boys' Working Reserve.
unknown creation date