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Blasting Vibrations and Their Effects on Structures

Description: Report issued by the Bureau of Mines over the effects of air blast vibrations. As stated in the abstract, "this report presents the results of the Bureau of Mines 10-year program to study the problem of air blast and ground vibrations generated by blasting" (p. 1). This report includes tables, and illustrations.
Date: 1971
Creator: Nicholls, Harry R.; Johnson, Charles F. & Duvall, Wilbur I.

BOLOVAC Systems for Measuring Electrical Quantities From 0.5 MHz Through Microwaves

Description: From Introduction: "This paper describes in some detail how Bolovac works, when its structural components are, what are the methods and steps of the procedure in its various major applications, and reasons for its advantages. The emphasis is on applications. Present status at the National Bureau of Standards relating to fabricating the most important component of the Bolovac-the bolometric disk-is briefly pointed out."
Date: January 1972
Creator: Selby, Myron C.

Bolsa Island Nuclear Power and Desalting Project Facilities (Cost and Description) and Cost of Desalted Water

Description: Report that contains information regarding the plans for a combined nuclear power plant and water desalination facility on a man-made island in the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. Includes the estimated costs associated with the conceptual plant as well as unit costs for desalted water.
Date: August 1970
Creator: Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (Calif.)

Brief History of Measurement Systems: with a Chart of the Modernized Metric System

Description: Pamphlet issued by the United States National Bureau of Standards providing an overview of the English system of measurement used in the United States and of the metric system. The internal pages of the pamphlet contain a chart labeled "The Modernized Metric System" which includes tables of common conversions and a chart of the seven base units: meter/length, kilogram/mass, second/time, ampere/electric current, kelvin/temperature, mole/amount of substance, and candela/luminous intensity, as well as two supplementary units: radian/plane angle and steradian/solid angle. There is also a graphic representation of yards versus meters in ruler form at the bottom.
Date: August 1976
Creator: United States. National Bureau of Standards.

Bubble Dynamics in a Superheated Liquid

Description: This report presents an extensive literature survey on bubble dynamics. Growth of a single spherical bubble moving in a uniformly superheated liquid is considered. Equations of motion and energy are presented in the forms that take into consideration the interaction between the motion and the growth. The fourth-order Runge-Kutta method is used to obtain a simultaneous solution of equations of motion and growth rate, and the solution is compared with available experimental results. Results for liquid sodium are presented for a range of pressures and Jakob numbers.
Date: September 1977
Creator: Sha, William T. & Shah, V. L.

Calculated Burnups and Fluences for Experimental Fuel Elements Irradiated in EBR-II Runs 5-55B

Description: A procedure is described for calculation of burnups and fluences at any point in a subassembly in EBR-II runs 5-55B. The calculations are performed by the BRN program package and require data generated for any element in the highly inhomogeneous fueled experimental subassemblies is the most important application of the pointwise capability. Tables allow calculation of burnup and fluences for any element in such a subassembly.
Date: October 1976
Creator: Kucera, D. A. & Meneghetti, D.

The Calculation of Rotational Energy Levels and Rotational Line Intensities in Diatomic Molecules

Description: Report describing procedures for making quantum mechanical calculations of rotational energy levels and rotational line intensities in diatomic molecules. The procedures are illustrated by sample calculations. A familiarity with the material of this report should enable a practicing electronic spectroscropist to carry out, though in a rather mechanical way, his own theoretical calculations for molecules under experimental investigation.
Date: June 1970
Creator: Hougen, Jon T.

Calculations of Stresses in GCFR Cladding under Normal Operating Conditions

Description: A modified version of the LIFE-III code, LIFE-GCFR, and classical stress-analysis techniques have been used to calculate the stresses in the GCFR cladding under normal reactor operating conditions. Several types of loadings on the cladding that occur during normal operation have been considered. These include fuel-cladding mechanical interaction, thermal stresses induced by radial and axial temperature gradients, and swelling gradient-induced stresses. The combined and individual effects of these loadings, as well as the effect of creep on cladding stresses, have been assessed.
Date: November 1979
Creator: Liu, Yung Y.; Hsieh, T. C. & Billone, Michael C.

Case Studies of Desalted Water for Irrigation

Description: Report studying the use of desalinated water for irrigation at three locations in Arizona and California. Costs and benefits are measured among several different areas, including multiple concentrations of desalinated water, different desalting methods, and the desalting process.
Date: March 1972
Creator: United States. Bureau of Reclamation.

Ceramic Coatings for Components Exposed to Coal-Gas Environments : a Review

Description: The corrosive and erosive environments at high temperatures and pressures in coal gasifiers impose severe requirements on the alloys of fabrication. A concise review of the application of ceramic coatings to resist coal-gas environments has been conducted. The purpose of this review is to explore suitable ceramic or cermet materials that may resist or retard the degradation of metal components and to summarize the state of the art of various methods of producing such coatings.
Date: December 1976
Creator: Swaroop, Robert

The Changeable Interaction between Soils and Pressure Cells: Tests and Reviews at the Waterways Experiment Station

Description: Partial abstract: "The principal subjects of the report are the often neglected changes in the interaction of soil and pressure cells with consequent changes in relative errors in cell registrations. The report contains (a) a brief account of the development and use of soil pressure cells; (b) a review of proposed theories for soil-cell interaction; (c) a delayed account of tests with Waterways Experiment Station pressure cells placed in a large triaxial device; and (d) tentative conclusions plus suggestions for calibration, installation, and measuring procedures."
Date: June 1976
Creator: Hvorslev, Mikael Juul

Chemical Activities of Alkali Sulfates in Hot Corrosion

Description: The condensation temperatures of sodium and potassium sulfates from typical fuel-oil combustion gases were calculated as functions of the concentrations of SO2, HCl, NaCl and O2, and total combustion pressures ranging from 1 to 10 atm. Of these components, oxygen had the greatest effect on the condensation temperature of sodium sulfate, producing an increase of as much as 280 degrees K at 10 atm. Alkali sulfate activities were least affected by sulfur dioxide, tested in the range from 93 to 270 ppM. The order of the effect on the alkali sulfates was as follows: O2 > HCl > NaCl > SO2. With the addition of K2CO3, such as would occur in the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) environment, the activity of potassium sulfate overshadowed that of sodium sulfate. The control of the activities of alkali sulfates is discussed in terms of the concentrations of the above-mentioned species and of the system pressure.
Date: June 1978
Creator: Hsu, Chen C.; Johnson, Irving & Blander, Milton

Chemical Engineering Division Basic Energy Sciences Research: July 1976-September 1977

Description: Studies in basic energy science covered many different activities, nearly all of which were designed to gain information required for a better understanding of systems important to national needs in energy and environment. Studies of associating gases included measurements of thermal conductivities and basic molecular orbital calculations. Raman spectroscopy and spectrophotometry were used to determine thermodynamic and spectroscopic data on salt vapor complexes. Polarized Raman spectra of As2S3 thin films and vapors were recorded. Halogenation of lanthanide oxides with aluminum chloride allowed the separation of the resultant chloride complexes by vapor transport. Electrochemical titrations were used to obtain the solubility product of iron sulfide in molten LiCl-KCl eutectic. Solubility products of eleven sulfides in the same eutectic mixture were calculated. Galvanostatic techniques were used to study metal deposition/dissolution reactions in molten salts. Activity coefficients of lithium in lithium-lead alloys were determined electrochemically; phase diagrams of ternary alloys of Li-Al-Mg and Li-Ca-Mg were computed. Thermodynamic studies are being made of the sorption of hydrogen by Li-Al and Li-Pb alloys. The study of the solubility of oxygen in liquid lithium was completed. An electric resistance method for measuring distribution properties of nonmetallic elements in binary metallic systems containing lithium is being developed. Calorimetric methods were used to measure standard enthalpies of formation of some coal components, lanthanum and rare earth trifluorides, and gamma-UO3, UF6, Cs3CrO4, Cs4CrO4, As4S4, and As2S3. High-temperature enthalpy increments were measured for LaF3 and beta-As4S4. The acidities of airborne ammonium sulfate-bearing particles from various areas of the U.S. were measured using Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy.
Date: 1978?
Creator: Cafasso, F. A.; Blander, M.; Maroni, V. A.; Johnson, C. E.; Kumar, R. & Siegel, S.

Chemical Engineering Division Environmental Chemistry Annual Report: July 1975-June 1976

Description: The chemistry of airborne particulate matter is being investigated by means of laboratory and field studies. Experiments were conducted using the flow reactor to identify the reaction conditions under which detectable amounts of sulfate particles could be formed under gaseous sulfur dioxide. A procedure was developed for the analysis of acidic and neutral ammonium sulfate in filter-collected samples of atmospheric particulate matter.
Date: 1976?
Creator: Cunningham, P. T.; Kumar, R.; Holt, B. D.; Hubble, B. R.; Johnson, S. A.; Nielsen, E. et al.

Chemical Engineering Division Fast-Neutron Dosimetry, Annual Report: July 1975-June 1976

Description: One of the objectives of the Dosimetry and Damage Analysis Center is to provide standardized dosimetry technology for materials-study programs within the ERDA Division of Magnetic Fusion Energy. Current efforts have included characterization of neutron environments in terms of fluence and spectral distribution for materials experiments conducted at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory's (LLL) Rotating Target Neutron Source and at the LLL-Davis Cyclograaff. Environment characterization efforts at Brookhaven National Laboratory's High Flux Beam Reactor and those pertaining to an enriched-uranium converter for the ANL CP-5 reactor are also described. The capability of calculating material radiation damage parameters associated with these neutron environments is demonstrated. Average fission yields determined from two fast-neutron irradiations and one thermal-neutron irradiation are compiled for laboratories participating in the inter-laboratory Reaction Rate program. These results are in excellent agreement with literature values. Progress on the development of boron-10 and lithium-6-loaded liquid scintillation detectors for detecting very low intensity neutrons is presented. Material purification tests and performance tests of scintillation mixtures are described.
Date: 1976?
Creator: Heinrich, R. R.; Greenwood, L. R.; Kennerley, R. J.; Chellew, N. R.; Popek, R. J.; Malewicki, Russell et al.