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Beef cattle for breeding purposes.

Description: Describes how to select and manage beef cattle that will be used for breeding.
Date: February 1957
Creator: Clark, R. T. (Richard Turnbull), 1902-1965. & Baker, A. L. (Alfred Leroy), 1898-
Item Type: Book

Beef-cattle production in the range area.

Description: Describes methods for successfully breeding and raising beef cattle in the range area of the western United States.
Date: 1941
Creator: Parr, V. V. (Virgil Verser), 1888- & McComas, E. W. (Earl W.)
Item Type: Book

Beef on the farm : slaughtering, cutting, curing.

Description: Describes the methods for slaughtering fresh beef on the farm; provides instructions outlining procedures for cutting and curing beef.
Date: 1950
Creator: Black, W. H. (William Henry), 1888-1949 & McComas, E. W. (Earl W.)
Item Type: Book

Beef production on the farm.

Description: A guide to raising beef cattle and fattening calves. Includes a discussion of breeding stock, feeding, herd management, and disease prevention.
Date: 1950
Creator: McComas, E. W. (Earl W.)
Item Type: Book

Better feeding of livestock.

Description: Discusses best practices in livestock feeding. Provides instructions for preparing feeds for various types of livestock on the farm.
Date: August 1952
Creator: United States. Dept. of Agriculture.
Item Type: Book

Better seed corn.

Description: Describes how to grow and store quality seed corn.
Date: September 1920
Creator: Hartley, C. P. (Charles Pinckney), 1870-
Item Type: Book

The biology and control of the sorghum midge.

Description: Describes the life cycle of the sorghum midge, its history in the United States, the damage it can cause to plants, and the steps farmers can take to control the pest and its damage.
Date: July 1941
Creator: Walter, E. V. (Elmer Valentine), 1891-
Item Type: Book

The black rot of the cabbage.

Description: Describes the black rot disease of cabbage, sources of infection, and suggestions for its prevention.
Date: 1898
Creator: United States. Department of Agriculture.
Item Type: Book

Black walnut for timber and nuts.

Description: A guide to growing black walnut trees for timber, nut crops, or ornamental use.
Date: 1940
Creator: Mattoon, Wilbur R. (Wilbur Reed), 1875-1941. & Reed, C. A. (Clarence Arthur), 1880-1950.
Item Type: Book

Blackberry growing.

Description: Describes blackberry varieties and methods of blackberry culture.
Date: 1939
Creator: Darrow, George M. (George McMillan), 1889-
Item Type: Book

Blackout of poultry houses and dairy barns.

Description: Provides detailed instructions for the farmer who wishes to continue his regular routine in the event of a War Department issued blackout notice. Discusses the importance of readiness and the use of existing materials due to war related shortages.
Date: January 1943
Creator: Kelley, M. A. R. (Manley Alexander Raymond), 1888-1943.
Item Type: Book


Description: Discusses aspects of blueberry production in the United States from planting through harvesting and marketing, and examines different types of blueberries.
Date: October 1940
Creator: Darrow, George M. (George McMillan), 1889-
Item Type: Book

The boll-weevil problem.

Description: Describes the characteristics of the boll weevil, the damage that it causes to crops, and methods for its control.
Date: May 1922
Creator: Hunter, W. D. (Walter David), 1875-1925 & Coad, B. R.
Item Type: Book

The boll-weevil problem.

Description: Describes the characteristics of the boll weevil, the damage it causes to cotton crops of the southeastern United States, and methods of control.
Date: June 1923
Creator: Hunter, W. D. (Walter David), 1875-1925. & Coad, B. R.
Item Type: Book

Boning lamb cuts.

Description: Describes the process of deboning lamb meat.
Date: June 1931
Creator: Warner, K. F.
Item Type: Book

Books for children: a guide for parents.

Description: Briefly outlines the benefits of books for children. Provides instructions for making a picture book and writing a story for children.
Date: 1966
Creator: United States. Federal Extension Service.
Item Type: Book

Border irrigation.

Description: Provides instructions for implementing a border irrigation system for watering crops.
Date: May 1951
Creator: Core, Edwin J.
Item Type: Book

The border method of irrigation.

Description: Describes how to irrigate using the border method, and how to prepare the ditches for irrigation.
Date: October 1937
Creator: Fortier, Samuel. & Lewis, M. R. (Mortimer Reed), 1886-
Item Type: Book