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Final Safety Analysis Report: SNAP III Thermoelectric Generator

Description: From summary: An analysis has been performed to determine the ability of the fuel container to withstand the various thermal, mechanical and chemical forces imposed upon the generator by vehicle failures. Where theoretical analysis was impossible, and where experimental evidence was desired, capsules and generators were tested under simulated missile-failure conditions. Thus, the safety limits of SNAP III in a satellite application were defined.
Date: June 1960
Creator: Hagis, W. & Dix, George P.

Final Safety Analysis: Ten-Watt Strontium-90 Fueled Generator for an Unattended Light Buoy, SNAP-7A

Description: From introduction: A prototype Strontium-90 fueled generator will be used to fulfill the power requirements of an unattended automatic light buoy...Primary objectives are to provide continuous absolute containment of the radiostrontium fuel...and biological shielding of the direct radiation from the heat source.
Date: February 1962
Creator: Brooks, Phillip M. & Keegan, James J.

Final Safety Analysis: Ten-Watt Strontium-90 Fueled Generator for an Unattended Meteorological Station, SNAP-7C

Description: From introduction: The primary objectives in designing a nuclear safe radiostrontium generator are: continuous absolute containment of the radiostrontium fuel, which is a relatively insoluble and chemically stable fuel compound, and biological shielding of the direct radiation from the heat source. This report evaluates the safety aspects of a prototype Strontium-90 fueled generator which will be utilized by the U.S. Navy to power and unattended automatic meterological station.
Date: 1962
Creator: Brooks, Phillip & Keegan, James J.

Fire Tests of Precast Cellular Concrete Floors and Roofs

Description: From Abstract: "The results of an investigation of lightweight, precast cellular concrete planks are given. Fire tests were made of two floor and five roof specimens made up of these planks. Variables, included density of the cellular concrete, thickness and span of the planks, reinforcement, and cover for the latter."
Date: April 12, 1962
Creator: Ryan, J. V. & Bender, E. W.

Flight Data and Results of Radiochemical Analyses of Filter Samples Collected During 1961 and 1962

Description: Report containing "flight data and (...) results of radiochemical analyses of stratospheric and tropospheric air filter samples collected during Project Star Dust. This report contains data for samples collected during June 1961 to December 1962, the first year and a half of the project" (p. 2).
Date: January 1, 1965
Creator: Feely, Herbert W.; Friend, James P.; Krey, Philip W. & Russell, Barbara A.

Flora of Healthy Dogs: [Part] 2. Isolation of Enteroviruses from Lower Intestines

Description: Fecal specimens from apparently healthy dogs were inoculated into MK, DK, HeLa, and CP cells. Twenty-six cytopathic agents were isolated in MK, 11 in HeLa, and 4 in CP, but none in DK cells. Neutralization tests indicated that all but one of the viruses were either strains of ECHO type 6 or were closely related to it. Twenty-one of 29 dogs were carrying the virus.
Date: June 1963
Creator: Clapper, W. E. & Pindak, F. F.

Freon-12 Hydrate Desalting Process

Description: Report that "evaluates an operation program of a hydrate process for the desalination of sea water in a 10,000 GPD plant located at the Office of Saline Water Research and Development Test Station (Wrightsvile Beach Test Facility at Wrightsville Beach, New Carolina) for the period march 1967 through July 1968" (p. i).
Date: August 1968
Creator: Garrison, Kenneth; Slape, R. J. & Snedden, L. L.

FUDGE 4A: A Computer Program for Gamma Dose Rate Distribution from Rectangular Sources

Description: Report issued by the Brookhaven National Laboratory discussing the recently modified FUDGE 4A computer program. As stated in the introduction, "this report presents the details and technical information required for the proper use of FUDGE 4A" (p. 1). This report includes tables, and illustrations.
Date: August 1968
Creator: Galanter, Leonard & Krishnamurthy, Krishnaswamy