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Primary view of Metal-Mine Accidents in the United States During the Calendar Year 1914
Fay, Albert H.
Primary view of Metallurgical Coke
Belden, A. W.
September 1913
Primary view of A Method of Resolving Oil-Field-Waste Emulsions
Horne, J. W. & Watkins, J. Wade
Primary view of Methods of Preventing and Limiting Explosions in Coal Mines
Rice, George S. & Jones, L. M.
April 1915
Primary view of Minable Reserves, Petrography, Chemical Characteristics, and Washability Tests of Coal Occurring in the Coos Bay Coal Field, Coos County, Oregon
Toenges, Albert L.; Dowd, James J.; Turnbull, Louis A.; Schopf, J. M.; Cooper, H. M.; Toenges, Albert L. et al.
Primary view of Mining Practices and Safety at the Lava Cap Gold Mining Corporation Mines, Nevada City-Grass Valley District, California
Ash, S. H.
Primary view of Motor Gasoline Properties, Laboratory Methods of Testing, and Practical Specifications
Dean, E. W.
May 1917
Primary view of Natural Gas Manual for the Home
Cattell, R. A.
Primary view of Natural Ventilation of Michigan Copper Mines
McElroy, G. E.
Primary view of Notes on the Black Sand Deposits of Southern Oregon and Northern California
Hornor, R. R.
Primary view of Notes on the Use of Low-Grade Fuel in Europe
Fernald, R. H.
August 1915
Primary view of Passage of Solid Particles Through Rotary Cylindrical Kilns
Sullivan, John D.; Maier, Charles G. & Ralston, Oliver C.
Primary view of Permissible Explosives, Mining Equipment, and Apparatus Approved Prior to January 1, 1924
Crawshaw, John Edward, 1880-; Ilsley, L. C., 1880-; Parker, Dorsey J. & Fieldner, Arno Carl, 1881-1966
Primary view of Phenomena in the Ignition of Firedamp by Explosives: Part 1.- Particles from the Detonation
Gerhard, S. L. & Huff, Wilbert J.
Primary view of Physical and Chemical Properties of Gasolines Sold Throughout the United States During the Calendar Year 1915
Rittman, W. F.; Jacobs, W. A. & Dean, E. W.
November 1916
Primary view of Preparation and Uses of Tar and its Simple Crude Derivatives
Odell, W. W.
February 1922
Primary view of Preparation Characteristics of Illinois Coals
Crentz, William L. & Fraser, Thomas
Primary view of Production of High-Alumina Slags in the Blast Furnace
Joseph, T. L. (Thomas Leonard), b. 1894; Kinney, S. P. (Selwyne Perez), 1890-1976 & Wood, C. E. (Carl Edwin), b. 1900
Primary view of Quarry Accidents in the United States During the Calendar Year 1915
Fay, Albert H.
December 1916
Primary view of Quarry Accidents in the United States During the Calendar Year 1919
Adams, William W.
Primary view of Recent Progress in the Thawing of Frozen Gravel in Placer Mining
Janin, Charles
June 1922
Primary view of Recovery of Gasoline from Uncondensed Still Vapors
Dow, D. B.
August 1923
Primary view of Reserves, Bed Characteristics, and Coking Properties of the Willow Creek Coal Bed, Kemmerer District, Lincoln County, Wyoming
Toenges, Albert L.; Davis, J. D.; Turnbull, Louis A. & Schopf, J. M.
Primary view of Reserves, Petrographic and Chemical Characteristics, and Carbonizing, Properties of Coal Occurring South of Dry Fork of Minnesota Creek, Gunnison County, Near Paonia, Colorado, and the Geology of the Area
Toenges, Albert L.; Dowd, James J.; Turnbull, Louis A.; Davis, J. D.; Smith, H. L. & Johnson, Vard H.