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Zuni Mountains, New Mexico as a potential dry hot rock geothermal energy Site

Description: Many of the criteria for the successful exploitation of energy from dry hot rock are met in the Zuni Mountains, New Mexico. This area falls within a broad region of abnormally high heat flow on the Colorado Plateau. Within this region, a variety of evidence indicates that local ''hot spots'' may be present. These ''hot spots'' are prime targets for dry hot rock exploration. A site-evaluation program utilizing geological, geochemical-geochronological, and geophysical techniques is proposed to delineate the optimal sites for subsequent exploratory drilling.
Date: December 1, 1975
Creator: Laughlin, A. W. & West, F. G.

ZX Pulsed-Power Design

Description: ZX is a new z-pinch accelerator planned as the next generation z-pinch driver at SNL, and as an intermediate step towards X-1. It is planned to drive either a single 50 MA z-pinch load, or two 25 to 30 MA z pinches. Three designs for the ZX accelerator are presented. All require 7 to 8 MV at the insulator stack to drive the z-pinch load to implosion in 100 to 120 ns. Two of the designs are based on the Z accelerator, and use water-line technology; a transit-time-isolated water adder, and a water transformer. The third design uses inductive-voltage adders in water. They also describe a low-inductance insulator stack design that helps minimize voltage requirements. This design is evaluated for water and vacuum break-down using JCM, THM, and magnetic-flashover-inhibition criteria.
Date: August 2, 1999
Creator: Corley, J.P.; Johnson, D.L.; McDaniel, D.H.; Spielman, R.B.; Struve, K.W. & Stygar, W.A.