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Dahlias for the home.

Description: Discusses the appeal of dahlias; describes the different varieties and how to grow them successfully at home.
Date: November 1923
Creator: Morrison, B. Y. (Benjamin Yoe), 1891-1966.
Item Type: Book

Dairy-barn construction.

Description: Discusses the many factors that must be taken into account when planning to construct a dairy barn.
Date: 1926
Creator: Parks, K. E. (Karl Eaton)
Item Type: Book

Diseases of poultry.

Description: Describes symptoms, treatments, and prevention methods for numerous diseases and parasites afflicting poultry.
Date: July 1923
Creator: Gallagher, Bernard A. (Bernard Alfred), b. 1880.
Item Type: Book

Drying crude drugs.

Description: Explains the fundamental principles of drying crude vegetable drugs. Provides drawings and instructions for constructing two types of driers.
Date: November 1921
Creator: Russell, G. A.
Item Type: Book

The European corn borer and its control.

Description: Describes the characteristics of the European corn borer and the damage it can cause to plants in the United States.
Date: 1922
Creator: Caffrey, D. J. & Worthley, L. H. (Leon Howard)
Item Type: Book

The European starling in the United States.

Description: Describes the life cycle of the European starling, its beneficial and harmful qualities, and methods for its control.
Date: December 1928
Creator: Kalmbach, E. R. (Edwin Richard), 1884-
Item Type: Book

Farm practices under corn-borer conditions.

Description: Describes the problems caused by the corn borer in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan, and methods of control.
Date: January 1928
Creator: Tapp, Jesse W. (Jesse Washington), 1898-; Collier, George W., 1897- & Arnold, C. R. (Carl R.), 1891-
Item Type: Book

Fattening steers in the Corn Belt.

Description: Describes feeder cattle and the varieties of feed used to fatten steers in the Corn Belt.
Date: April 1924
Creator: Black, W. H. (William Henry), 1888-1949.
Item Type: Book

Feeding chickens.

Description: A guide to feeding chickens for the production of quality meat and eggs.
Date: October 1927
Creator: Jull, Morley A. (Morley Allan), 1885-1959. & Lee, Alfred R., b. 1887.
Item Type: Book

Fitting dresses and blouses.

Description: A guide to fitting and alteration of commercial sewing patterns and finished clothing for women.
Date: May 1927
Creator: Campbell, Maude.
Item Type: Book

Fitting, showing, and judging hogs.

Description: Provides suggestions for selecting and preparing swine for livestock shows and fairs. Describes judging criteria.
Date: July 1925
Creator: Russell, E. Z. (Ellsworth Zouave), 1866-
Item Type: Book

Fur laws for the season 1929-30.

Description: Discusses the importance of conservation practices to preserve fur resources. Provides a summary of U.S. federal and state laws related to game animals, as well as related laws of Canada, the Dominion of Newfoundland, and Mexico.
Date: 1929
Creator: Earnshaw, Frank L. & Grimes, Frank G.
Item Type: Book

Garden irises.

Description: Describes different types of irises, and methods for growing them successfully in a home garden.
Date: January 1926
Creator: Morrison, B. Y. (Benjamin Yoe), 1891-1966.
Item Type: Book

Good food habits for children.

Description: Describes how to assist young children in transitioning from milk to solid food. Suggests ways to establish regular eating times, encourage self-feeding, and help the child develop a positive attitude toward eating.
Date: May 1929
Creator: Schmidt, C. Rowena.
Item Type: Book

Good naval-stores practice.

Description: Describes best practices for tapping trees for naval stores, in order to yield the most gum and prevent damage to trees.
Date: May 1929
Creator: Cary, Austin, 1865-1936.
Item Type: Book