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Description: Report discussing the cultivation, storing, and marketing of celery as popular crop for home consumption in the United States.
Date: 1907
Creator: Beattie, W. R. (William Renwick), b. 1870

Clearing New Land

Description: Report discussing methods of clearing forested land for the establishment of pastures and farms. Methods discussed include the use of dynamite, machinery, horses and chain, and oxen. Special attention is given to selecting a method based on the root system of the trees.
Date: 1902
Creator: Williams, Franklin, Jr.

The Conservation of Natural Resources

Description: This bulletin about the conservation of natural resources was originally an address delivered by the forester Gifford Pinchot to the National Geographic Society, in Washington D. C. on January 31, 1908. The address advocates for greater efforts at conservation by providing a broad overview of the state of America's natural resources with regard to forests, minerals, oil, natural gas, and soil. The failure to plan responsibly and regulate industry has led to the monopolistic practices which currently endanger the United States' natural resources. The state of the country's national resources calls for increased conservation.
Date: 1908
Creator: Pinchot, Gifford

Contributions to Economic Geology: 1904

Description: From letter of transmittal: The report contains 63 contributions from 37 members of the Survey who have been engaged more or less continuously throughout the year in economic work, together with brief statements by the geologists in charge of the section of metalliferous ores and the section of nonmetalliferous economic minerals, of the extent and character of the economic work being carried on in the Survey.
Date: 1905
Creator: Emmons, Samuel Franklin & Hayes, C. W.

The Control of the Codling Moth and Apple Scab

Description: Report discussing "the two principal enemies of the apple [...] the chief insect enemy, the codling moth, and the principal fungous disease, the apple scab.... The remedial treatment for both of these is of such a nature that the applications can be combined at a lessening of nearly one-half the cost of time and labor. The bulletin includes a brief but plain statement of the nature of the codling moth and the means of controlling it, followed by a similar portion relating to apple scab, and concluding with the combined directions for spraying, and a spray calendar." -- p. 3
Date: 1906
Creator: Marlatt, C. L. & Orton, W. A. (William Allen), 1877-1930

Corn Growing

Description: Report describing how simple improvements in farming practices can double the average production of corn per acre in the United States. Factors discussed include seed quality, soil conditions, and cultivation methods.
Date: 1904
Creator: Hartley, C. P. (Charles Pinckney), 1870-