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Primary view of Busing for School Desegregation: The Debate on Selected Issues
Stedman, James B.
April 30, 1981
Primary view of Campaign Finance Reform: A Summary and Analysis of Legislative Proposals In the 98th and 99th Congresses
Cantor, Joseph E.
January 5, 1987
Primary view of Campaign Financing
Cantor, Joseph E. & Durbin, Thomas M.
July 30, 1987
Primary view of Campaign Financing in Federal Elections: A Guide to the Law and Its Operation
Cantor, Joseph E.
August 8, 1986
Primary view of Candidates for Presidential Nomination in 1988: Major Declared Contestants and Campaign Organizations
Neale, Thomas H
March 14, 1988
Primary view of Caribbean Basin Initiative
Library of Congress. Congressional Research Service.
April 13, 1983
Primary view of Caribbean Basin Initiative
Sanford, Jonathan E.
September 19, 1983
Primary view of The Case for and Against an Import Surcharge
Reifman, Alfred
July 12, 1985
Primary view of Casework in a Congressional Office
Carlile, Judy
December 14, 1982
Primary view of Cash and Non-Cash Benefits for Persons with Limited Income: Eligibility Rules, Recipient and Expenditure Data, FY1981-83
Burke, Vee
June 18, 1984
Primary view of Catastrophic Health Insurance: Comparison of the Major Provisions of the "Medicare Catastrophic Protection Act of 1987" (H.R. 2470, as passed by the House July 22, 1987) and the "Medicare Catastrophic Loss Prevention Act of 1987" (S. 1127, as passed by the Senate Finance Committee, July 27, 1987)
O'Sullivan, Jennifer
August 5, 1987
Primary view of Catastrophic Health Insurance: Medicare
O'Sullivan, Jennifer
September 1, 1987
Primary view of The Changing World of Financial Intermediaries and Related Institutions: Survey of Major Developments and Their Implications for Public Policy
Allen, Julius W
December 30, 1982
Primary view of Chemical Warfare: A Primer on Agents, Munitions, and Defensive Measures
Kallis, E. M.
April 27, 1981
Primary view of Child Support Enforcement
Solomon-Fears, Carmen
September 13, 1984
Primary view of The Child Support Enforcement Program
Solomon-Fears, Carmen
October 5, 1982
Primary view of China-U.S.-Soviet Relations
Sutter, Robert G.
December 3, 1981
Primary view of China-U.S. Trade
Holliday, George D. & Hardt, John P.
November 19, 1981
Primary view of Chronology and Brief Description of Federal Food Assistance Legislation, 1935-1983
Jones, Jean Yavis
June 25, 1984
Primary view of Civil Defense and the Effects of Nuclear War
Library of Congress. Congressional Research Service.
March 12, 1982
Primary view of Civil Rights Legislation: Responses to Grove City College v. Bell
Lyke, Robert F.
May 27, 1988
Primary view of Civil Rights Restoration Act: Bibliography-in-Brief, 1984-1988
Dove, Charles
April 29, 1988
Primary view of The Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1987: Legal Analysis of S.557
Lewis, Karen J. & Dale, Charles V.
March 1, 1988
Primary view of Closing a Congressional Office: A Brief Overview
Carlile, Judy
May 18, 1981