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Breaking and training colts.
Describes methods training horses for farm use. Includes training or control methods for driving, riding, shoeing, and throwing.
Browning machine gun caliber .50, M2, aircraft, fixed and flexible.
"In addition to a description of the Browning machine gun, caliber .50, M2, aircraft, fixed and flexible, this manual contains technical information required for the identification, use, and care of the materiel."
Bur-clover cultivation and utilization.
Describes the different methods of cultivating bur-clover for use as a fertilizer and for other purposes, including use as a cover and green-manure crop or for use in pastures. Also describes the varieties of bur-clover and the insects that prey upon them.
Business records for poultry keepers.
Describes business methods to help poultry keepers with their production and marketing issues, discusses record-keeping methods, and includes suggestions to improve efficiency of a farmer's poultry business.
Cardiograph, portable.
A guide to the operation and maintenance of the portable electrocardiograph.
Care and management of farm work horses.
Describes how to successfully manage and care for work horses on the farm to maximize serviceability and profitability.
Care and repair of mowers and binders.
A guide to repairing and maintaining farm mowers and binders.
Care of damaged shade trees.
Discusses the important role shade trees play in camouflaging property. Explains the ways in which shade trees can become damaged and provides advice for repairing them in the event of damage.
Cavalry drill regulations, horse.
Describes mounted drill for horse cavalry units and organizations.
Cavalry drill regulations, mechanized.
Prescribes drills for general use by any type of mechanized cavalry unit. Also provides instructions for conducting ceremonies and inspections.
Cavalry reconnaissance squadron mechanized.
A training manual for the cavalry reconnaissance squadron, mechanized. Includes discussions of organization, combat, and logistics.
Cavalry reconnaissance troop, mechanized.
"The scope of the manual includes discussion and illustration of organization, equipment, training, and methods of employment of the mechanized cavalry reconnaissance troop and its components, designed to simplify and speed training and to facilitate understanding of basic doctrine."
Celery growing.
A guide to commercial celery-growing, with brief instructions for growing celery in home gardens. Includes descriptions of celery diseases and insect pests.
Chemical decontamination company.
Describes the organization, training, and operations of the Chemical Decontamination Company.
Child's self-help overall.
This document contains recommendations for the construction of a child's self-help overall, designed for freedom of movement and easy dressing.
Clearing land of brush and stumps.
Discusses methods and equipment for removing and disposing of brush and tree stumps from farm land in preparation for plowing.
Clothes moths.
Describes the life cycle and characteristics of clothes moths, and methods for their control.
Coal handling : repairs and utilities
"This Technical Manual describes uniform methods of coal handling for Army posts, camps, and stations. Methods are presented to insure efficient and economical operation, based on accepted commercial practices adapted to meet requirements of Army installations."
Command and employment of air power.
Discusses the relationship of land and air forces and doctrine of command and employment in regards to air power as well as five aspects of air command.
Concrete and masonry : repairs and utilities.
"This Technical Manual describes materials, equipment, and methods used in new concrete and masonry work at Army posts. It also covers repair and maintenance of existing concrete and masonry."
Conduct of field artillery fire using air observation.
"This manual covers the methods and procedure for the control of field artillery fire using air observation."
Conserving soil and moisture in orchards and vineyards.
Describes methods of conservation farming for fruit orchards and vineyards.
Construction of chimneys and fireplaces.
Describes the principles of chimney and fireplace construction. Provides schematics.
Construction of weather maps, charts and diagrams
"This supplement outlines in detail the methods for plotting of observation data, for entry of analysis, and for preparation of supplementary maps, charts, and diagrams for all Army Air Forces weather stations."
Control of flue-cured tobacco root diseases by crop rotation.
Describes farming methods that prevent root diseases in flue-cured tobacco.
Control of sugar-beet nematode by crop rotation.
Summarizes the results of several years of field investigations of the sugar-beet nematode. Describes its life cycle, host plants, causes of infestation, and methods of control.
Corn culture.
A general guide to growing corn crops in the United States, including selection, land preparation, planting, culture, and insect and disease control.
Cotton from boll to bale.
Describes the steps for harvesting, drying, handling, baling, and storing cotton.
Cotton ginning for pure-seed preservation.
Describes the steps and equipment necessary for cotton ginning and for the prevention of seed mixing.
Cottonseed treatment.
Describes the methods of treating cottonseed to prevent disease or decay.
Crested wheatgrass.
Discusses crested wheatgrass in the United States: its adaptation, its planting, its harvesting, and its use.
Criminal investigation.
Describes procedures for criminal investigations conducted by military police during wartime. Discusses the purposes and functions of the Security Intelligence Corps (SIC).
Cucumber growing.
A guide to growing table cucumbers or slicing cucumbers in cold frames and as a field crop.
Culture of orchids.
Describes the different types of orchids, and the proper environment for growing orchids successfully.
Dairy-herd-improvement associations, and stories the records tell.
Describes the history and functions of farm dairy-herd-improvement associations; provides steps for starting a new dairy-herd-improvement association.
Deciduous-fruit improvement through tree-performance records.
Discusses commercial production of deciduous fruits based on the culture of established, profitable varieties. Describes the use of individual tree-records, the negative impacts of undesirable trees, and how to locate and isolate them.
Democracy means all of us : how communities can organize to study and meet community needs with special suggestions for developing nutrition programs in wartime.
Describes how to organize local committees for nutrition education programs during wartime. Provides examples and suggestions for small and large communities, and for ways to involve youth in the effort. Provides guidelines for evaluating the success of a local program.
Dental X-ray machine (items 6088005, 6088010)
Describes the components and maintenance of two types of dental x-ray machines.
Determining the age of farm animals by their teeth.
A guide to determining the approximate age of livestock by observing the apparent development and wear of their teeth.
Disease-resistant and hardy oats for the South.
Describes winter-hardy and disease-resistant oat varieties, and best practices for growing them.
Disease-resistant varieties of vegetables for the home garden.
Discusses a variety of vegetables that are most resistant to disease and can be grown at home.
Diseases and insects of garden vegetables.
Describes a wide variety of insect pests and diseases of vegetables, their characteristics, and the steps farmers can take to prevent, control, and treat these threats.
Diseases of cabbage and related plants.
Describes the characteristics of various parasitic and non-parasitic diseases of the cabbage and similar plants.
Diseases of raspberries and blackberries.
Describes the characteristics of diseases that infect raspberries and blackberries as well as their respective treatments.
Diseases of sheep and goats.
Describes the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for infectious and noninfectious diseases of sheep and goats.
Diseases of strawberries.
Describes the multitude of diseases that afflict strawberries, and methods of controlling them.
Dog transportation.
A manual describing the use of sled dogs as a means of military transportation in Arctic regions.
Domestic disturbances
"This manual presents the principles for the employment of troops during domestic disturbances and the essential substances of the more important laws relating to the employment of military forces in the aid of civil authorities with the applicable War Department policies"
Dresses designed for little girls.
Provides suggestions for the design, construction, and evaluation of dresses made for girls aged 2 to 6. Includes advice about design features, fabric selection, and quality of workmanship.
Dressing and packing turkeys for market.
Describes methods for processing a turkey to be sold at market.