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Farm horseshoeing.

Description: Describes the need for shoeing horses, and the steps that should be taken to successfully shoe horses on the farm.
Date: 1940
Creator: Asmus, Henry, 1873-1939. & Williams, J. O. (John Oscar), 1885-

Feeding dairy cows.

Description: Describes many types of dairy-cow feeds, their nutritive value, and their functions. Includes instructions for feed preparation and feeding recommendations for various situations.
Date: November 1940
Creator: Woodward, T. E. (Thompson Elwyn) & Nystrom, Amer Benjamin, 1885-

Fire safeguards for the farm.

Description: Describes how to remove fire threats from the farm, and how to prepare to fight a fire should one break out on the farm.
Date: 1940
Creator: Valgren, V. N. (Victor Nelson), b. 1876.; Roethe, Harry E. (Harry Edward), 1891-1989.; Betts, M. C. (Morris Cotgrave), 1875-1936.; Ashby, Wallace, b. 1890.; Rowe, William H. (William Hobson), b. 1896. & Mattoon, Wilbur R. (Wilbur Reed), 1875-1941.

Fitting dresses.

Description: A guide to fitting and altering ready-made dresses, or home-sewn dresses that that have been cut and basted. Does not include instructions for pattern alterations.
Date: 1944
Creator: Sommerfeld, Edna E. (Edna Ella), 1904-

Good pastures.

Description: A guide to improving pastures for the purpose of increasing production during wartime.
Date: May 1943
Creator: Semple, Arthur T. (Arthur Truman), 1895- & Hein, M. A. (Mason August), b. 1894.

Hog-lot equipment.

Description: Provides descriptions and instructions for building many types of equipment used for raising hogs. Includes fencing, feeding equipment, shelters, pest treatment equipment, breeding crates, and transportation equipment.
Date: June 1940
Creator: Russell, E. Z. (Ellsworth Zouave), 1866- & Buckley, S. S. (Samuel Sutherland), 1873-

Homemade bread, cake, and pastry.

Description: A guide to baking a variety of yeast breads, quick breads, pastry, cakes, cookies, and doughnuts. In addition to numerous recipes, this pamphlet includes detailed descriptions of various flours, and instructions for making home-grown yeasts.
Date: 1940
Creator: King, Florance Beeson, 1889- & Freeman, Adelle B. (Adelle Blachly), 1884-

Irrigated pastures for forage production and soil conservation.

Description: Discusses the importance of increasing farm productivity to meet needs created by World War II. Provides suggestions for the establishment and management of pastures, including irrigation, fertilization, and the use of grasses and legumes.
Date: September 1945
Creator: Hamilton, J. G. (James Guy), b. 1891.; Brown, Grover F., 1905-; Tower, Harold E. (Harold Everett), 1904- & Collins, Wilkie, Jr.

Irrigation practices in growing alfalfa.

Description: Describes different methods for irrigating alfalfa, depending on the type of soil, the climate, farm size, and other factors.
Date: 1940
Creator: Fortier, Samuel.; Blaney, Harry French, 1892-; Bowen, Leslie.; Ewing, Paul A.; Lewis, M. R. (Mortimer Reed), 1886-; Marr, James C. et al.